static routes in every router,for evey subnet???

I have a small LAN with a DSL router and a T1 router on it.The T1 is a point to point to a another LAN.I'm not using RIP on anything.Data flow works fine all around except from the remote LAN through the DSL router.When doing a TRACERT to an internet address (any) the trace dies in my WAN network.WAN subnet reports desination unreachable.Do I need a default route built in my WAN subnet pointing to my DSL router to get out on the net?I can get to the internal HTML server inside the DSL router from the remote LAN,but just can't make it through it.This is my example

thanks a million
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Yes, your T1 router should have a default route pointing to the DSL router..
Your remote T1 router should have a default route pointing to the WAN interface of the T1 router -
The DSL router also needs a specific route back to the 192.168.1.x subnet, pointing to the T1 router,
pbxphonemanAuthor Commented:
when you say the T1 router are you referring to the remote T1 with a static route to the dsl router? , ,  ???
 I have this right now ,,  which gets me to the network just fine but not the internet.maybethis is a problem.

thanks for yourtime

Local T1 router -  - points to DSL router
Remote T1 router - - points to Local T1 router
DSL router -

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pbxphonemanAuthor Commented:
the subnet between the two T1 routers ( has rip turned off,will this effect the ability of the two routers "knowing" each other...thus the need to statically route to this small subnet? would there be any need to use (in the remote router) a static entry to the DSL router of ,  ( I'm new to this subnet mask usage)

thanks again....getting close
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