Server Side Program Execution (with in a web page)

Hello, Im trying to figure out how to get a program to run thrugh a server via a web site.  Infact i have seen it where programs actually run from within a web page.  I need to do this because I have a case managment system updating all the time, and I don't want the users to download a new version everytime they use it.
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If you want to run something on the server through the web, use ASP (or PHP etc...), or use a terminal program.

If you use ASP, you will have to convert your system to ASP.

clear100-comAuthor Commented:
When I run Visual Basic I get one result i think that i may be able to use, however its not the right one (i don't think)

It opens the web file with this in it:

<HTML><BODY><OBJECT classid="clsid:4D3572DA-2537-4913-A8F7-943E6036730B">

my question is, is there anyway to run this on the server? somehow specify my active x file from the server?  I know that there is a way, ill email you a sample if you wish, just a screen shot.  One program called Clarify Web Client does the same thing.
clear100-comAuthor Commented:
(my email is <edited by CetusMOD as it's a violation of http:/help.jsp#hi99)
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If you ask this in the ASP forum you should get an answer.

You can definitely run an ActiveX DLL on the server. You can also run an Exe or whatever, but it isn't going to pop up on the client screen and ask for input etc. if you run it on the server.

I haven't done any ASP for a while, from memory, this fragment might work:

Dim oObject
Set oObject = Server.CreateObject("My.DLL")



You have to attach it to an event somehwhere.

It assumes you have a registered ActiveX DLL called My.DLL

It assumes the DLL has a method called RunMethod that you want to run.
clear100-comAuthor Commented:
No, thats not what im talking about at all.  I know how to do that, infact i do that asp'less code all the time.  What im looking for is diffrent.  im looking to run a program like this:

I know this is possible because I use a program like it every day.
I see. Sorry I thought I was dealing with a newbie!!  :)

Maybe DCOM will do that. I don't know, I've never had to use it but my limited understanding of DCOM makes me think you can.

I vaguely recall that there was a utility which let you redirect a COM call to another computer, something to do with MTS, but I would say its a bit out of date. However the method you are using looks like it is instantiating a local COM object but maybe you need to configure it to run on another computer.

Also CreateObject lets you specify a computer to create a component on... again I've never used it.

From the MSDN help:

You can create an object on a remote networked computer by passing the name of the computer to the servername argument of CreateObject. That name is the same as the Machine Name portion of a share name: for a share named "\\MyServer\Public," servername is "MyServer."

Note   Refer to COM documentation (see Microsoft Developer Network) for additional information on making an application visible on a remote networked computer. You may have to add a registry key for your application.

The following code returns the version number of an instance of Excel running on a remote computer named MyServer:

Dim xlApp As Object
Set xlApp = CreateObject("Excel.Application", "MyServer")
Debug.Print xlApp.Version

If I am barking up the correct tree then the util you need to redirect COM calls is


But I would have thought you could downlaod an control for IE that would let you do all this automatically.

clear100-comAuthor Commented:
im not sure wha dcomcnfg.exe is, but i just want an application to run from with in a window, can you find any examples?
No I don't have any examples.

Also if you can get hold of Interdev it might do it all for you automatically.

Try asking about it in the ASP forum.
clear100-comAuthor Commented:
OK, how about this, do you know when you go in to your IDE and when your creating an activeX object, you run your program and it uses windows xp pro as the form or container? Thats what i want to do.
At this page:

I found this example of using the OBJECT tag:

<object id="items" class="System.Collections.ArrayList" runat=server/>

(in .NET)

Is that what you're after?
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