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Urgent! How to use rdoEngine.rdoRegisterDataSource to create SQL Server data source.  Below is the rdoRegisterDataSource paranmeter:rdoRegisterDataSource(DSN As String, Driver As String, Silent As Boolean, Attributes As String)

Please I need a complete parameters passing example.

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Thandava VallepalliCommented:

Try with this link:

All the best,
V.Thandava krishna
Hi use this function...
You will need to change the attributes to the actuals i.e.
if Sever/instance name is - VISHALK\VISHAKAU


\\VISHALK is the Server m/c name
MSSQL$VISHAKAU is the sql server instance name
Database--> The database name

username is sa
pwd is blank

Private Sub RegisterDataSource()
Dim en As rdoEnvironment
Dim cnTest As rdoConnection
Dim strAttribs As String
' Build keywords string.
strAttribs = "Description=" _
        & "SQL Server on server SEQUEL" _
  & Chr$(13) & "OemToAnsi=No" _
  & Chr$(13) & "Network=DBNMPNTW" _
  & Chr$(13) & "Database=TEST" _
  & Chr$(13) & "Address=\\VISHALK\pipe\MSSQL$VISHAKAU\sql\query"
' Create new registered DSN.
rdoEngine.rdoRegisterDataSource "Example", _
         "SQL Server", True, strAttribs
' Open the database.
Set en = rdoEngine.rdoEnvironments(0)
Set cnTest = en.OpenConnection( _
  dsname:="Example", _
  Prompt:=rdDriverNoPrompt, _
End Sub

I have tested it and it works. You can find the Address (pipe address from Client Network Libraries alias tab in Microsoft SQL server program group.


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TEST is a sample can put inthe database you want to connect to, which is available on your SQL server.
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