Sharing files and printers with a router


I'm having a hard time setting up a network with my router.
I have D-Link DI-604 router and can share only internet.
I tired "set up a home or small office network", but it didn't work because my computer does not connect to the Internet through HUB.
What do I need to do to share files and printers.

I have 4 computers (4 PC with Windows XP Home Edition).

Thank you.
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I had the same problem until I bought a real router. Well, atleast a better one, I love netgear. Every networking project ive had ive used netgear without problem. However if you dont want to use a different router, run the network wizard again but click the option that talks about connecting through a gateway, you might have to click the more options button first I cant remember. Then go to the other 3 computers and do the exact same thing making sure you have the same workgroup typed in but you have a different computer name for each box. Then power cycle everything. Poweron the modem first, then router then each pc. Now you have to go to to the computer that has the printer on it and start-> control panel>printers and other hardware>view list of installed printers. Right click on the printer you want to share then go down to sharing and security. Box pops up with the properties and the share tab highlighted. From here you want to click on the warning that says "I understand the risks...blah blah blah"  select the "share this printer" radio button and give it a name usually the name of the printer will suffice hp845c" or its location or function "canoncolor" "lasertext" "hpjonsroom" whatever you want. after you apply that go to the other computers and start>control panel>printers and hardware>add a printer click next then select network printer or printer connected to another computer and click next and browse for your printer, expand the tree of your work group then find the computer that has the printer directly connected and shared, select it and hit next and follow the directions from there. Repeat with other 2 computers. Same thing for files, right click>sharing and security>share this on the network. Files will be located in the "My network places" area.

Its not hard to do, its just time consuming. XP makes it easy, DLink makes it hard. Now Linksys has been purchased by Cisco I have faith in them. I just had a bad time with Dlink in the past.

here also check out this dsl router with print server might me what you need

 and its only 33 bucks
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sujeong95Author Commented:
Do I need a print server to share the printers even if I have a router?
 No you dont it just makes it easier...

you can install the printer on one computer

install the netbios protocol
Start>settings>control panel>network and dialup connections
 right click on local area connection and choose properties
then click "Install"
  then protocol and choose the ' Ipx/spx/ net bios compatable one...
do that on all computers...

  then on the computer with the printer enable you guest account and share the printer...
to share the printer

 Start>settings>printers right click on the printer and choose Share
the check the box Share this printer as ... type in a simple name " Makes it easier"

then enable the guest account
from the control panel go to admin tools the computer management
click the '+" on local users and computers then hightlight Users double click the guest account and make sure the account is not disabled ( its just a check box )
 apply and click ok then right click on the guest account ans reset the password.. click Proceed then leave it blank and click ok... you can go back and add a password after you get the share working..   this will allow the other computer to access this computer ..

  then from the client computers go to start > run
and type in   "  \\<computername>
   or                \\<ipaddress>              of the computer sharing the printer
  right click on the printer and choose connect.. that is about it...

  good luck

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sujeong95Author Commented:
I don't see the local users and computers on a Computer Management.
thats right your running HOME EDITION hmmmm
you may not need to do that step...
  try it without that step and see if it works.. also make sure your firewall software is turned off on the computer sharing the printer..
sujeong95Author Commented:
Do I need to type in http:// before the IP address?
I did, but it didn't work.
Sorry, I don't know very much about networking.
sujeong95Author Commented:
Never mind.

It works. I can't believe it.

Thank you so much for your help. You're the man!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a good one.
no prob anytime
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