loading folders name in a combo box.

In a jsp page i am storing a value in a varaible name month ie,
String month = request.getParameter("MONTH");
here i'm getting the value like jan,feb...dec.
In some path eg: e:/reports ... I'm having a bunch of reports with folder strutures  like
 here 20030705 is year month date .. 2003 is year 07  is month and last one 05 is date..
 like that 121212 is hour min sec...
What i have to do is...
After i get jul(for july) in a month variable , i have to get all the folders name which is created on july (only 4 in the above 6) and load it in a combo box so that after submit for a particulat date ...say 20030705 .. i have to load the time (here we have two time folder for that date ) in a combo box and ask the user to select the particular time folder .

Can any one help me ...
Thanks in advance..
regards Arunkumar

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Once you get the the month here is what you will have to do..
String[] arr={"JAN","FEB","MAR","APR","MAY","JUN","JUL","AUG","SEP","OCT","NOV","DEC"};
String month=request.getParameter("MONTH");
int i=0;

File f = new File("e:\\reports");
String fnames[]=f.list();
<SELECT NAME='MySelect">
for(int j=0; j<fnames.length; j++)
File temp=new File("e:\\reports\\"+fnames[j]);
int mon = Integer.parseInt(fname[j].substring(4,6));

I don't vouch for the correctness of the code written above but it should give you a very clear idea as what is to be done..
Above code may have some syntax error but in essence the logic is there..
do let me know if I can be of more help.

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rarunkAuthor Commented:
hi Kuldeepchaturvedi
 It's more than enough for me..
 It's exact what i want...Thanks a lot..
Glad to be any of help to you....:-)
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