How tp create MSOutlook like side tool bar

Hi Experts,

I would like to know, the procedures to create the tool bar similar to MSOutlook side bar. If you have any ideas for this please let me know.

Please Do not suggest any third party components because this code should work for kylix environment also. So please  just give ideas for doing this (Atleast show me the code written by other persons)

thanks in advance

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  I downloaded this component with source code. the outlookbar here seems to be derived from TComponent, so I hope that would help you.

sudhakar_koundinyaAuthor Commented:

I am looking at your first suggested link, I will let you know if this is helpful for kylix environment also
Good luck...
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The Jedi VCL contains such a control also.

Please reconsider your decision to introduce such a control to Linux.
Keep in mind that such Microsoft controls are not well received there.
LOL, Robert is absolutely right :-)
Just use VCL component
add a panel (leftPanel) align alleft and inside add four panels (pnlItem1 , pnlItem2, pnlItem3, pnlItem4) in every pnlItem add one panel (pnlItem1Title, pnlItem2Title, pnlItem3Title, pnlItem3Title)
you must declare a global var
                          WeightList : TObjectList;

in the create form event
procedure TForm1.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
WeightList := TObjectList.Create;
  WeightList.OwnsObjects := False;
in the pnlItem1title click event

procedure TForm1.pnlItem1TitleClick(Sender: TObject);
  i, n: integer;
  for i := 0 to WeightList.Count -1 do
    (WeightList[i] as TPanel).Align := alNone;
    (WeightList[i] as TPanel).Height := 20;
    if WeightList[i] = (Sender as TPanel).Parent then
      n := i;
  for i := n - 1 downto 0 do
    (WeightList[i] as TPanel).Align := alTop;
  for i := WeightList.Count-1 downto n + 1 do
    (WeightList[i] as TPanel).Align := alBottom;
    (WeightList[n] as TPanel).Align := alClient;

assign all the pnlItemTitle to procedure TForm1.pnlItem1TitleClick(Sender: TObject);

hope this help you. if you have difficults just ask to me.

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sudhakar_koundinyaAuthor Commented:
sudhakar_koundinyaAuthor Commented:
>>Please reconsider your decision to introduce such a control to Linux.
Keep in mind that such Microsoft controls are not well received there.

Ok I know that the ole concepts that we are implementing here are not supported in kylix. But any other logics by chance?

to ThoseBug:

Nope that does not give any help :(

to huiyue:

Starting from Delphi 7 we need to create clx that helps us to create both windows based and unix based components. Unfortunately VCL components does not give any help for kylix environment
I don't use kylix,so sorry about my suggestion.
>>the following does not give any help for kylix
Well then, I too can't help. Never used kylix. Sorry.
sudhakar_koundinyaAuthor Commented:

that comments helped me a lot, I got the idea and i could able to manage the same  code  with slight modifications,  hence I am giving points to you

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