jComboBox + Press Enter

I have an jCombobox and I want to do something if the jcombobox is in focus and the user press Enter. I have already implemented ActionPerformed listener for the jComboBox. When I add KeyListener to that JCombobox, I found that the jcombobox run the actionperform listner instead of the key event listener. would somebody tell me how to solve this problem ?
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Out of interest, why are you interested in the KeyListener, if it's the enter key you're interested in? What's wrong with actionPerformed?

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mikekwokAuthor Commented:
how can i check if the keyevent e is "vk_enter" in the actionperformed ?
That's the only key event the actionPerformed will recognise anyway, so you don't need to check.
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mikekwokAuthor Commented:
it is actionevent pass into the void but not keyevent, how can i check the keystroke is enter?
The only key stroke that will be recognised is the enter key. If getSource() returns the combo box, then the enter key was pressed. AFAIK the combo box doesn't generate ActionEvents otherwise.
mikekwokAuthor Commented:
I found that the only key stroke that will be recongised is not only the enter key. It also recongnises the up arrow and down arrow. WOuld somebody pls help me ?
mikekwokAuthor Commented:
Do i need to use processKeyEvent to handle my situation ?
mikekwokAuthor Commented:
How can i distinguish between the ENTER key and other key which is pressed when jcombobox in focus ?
PLease specify your *exact* requirements and i'll try to help
mikekwokAuthor Commented:
I have a jcombobox, i have implemented actionperformed, it will do  string manipution when the jcombobox changed. i also want it to do another thing when jcombobox is in focus and user press ENTER. the problem is that the actionperformed recognize BOTH the jcombobox changed and ENTER is pressed. Do I explain my problem more clear ? Look for your reply. Thanks.
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