Exchange 2000, when I delete mailboxes the priv.edb does not get smaller. What am I doing wrong?

I have Exchange 2000, the priv.edb is huge and take ages to back up. To reduce the size I removed some users and scheduled their mailboxes for deletion. I then went into Exchange system manager and deleted them. However the priv.edb did not get smaller.
Is there another step that I need to perform?
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You should run "Eseutil" Utility for defragment the information store.


I hope it can help.
ikm7176Sr. IT ManagerCommented:
Whenever you delete the user accounts and and his mailbox. The mailbox will not be deleted permenantly until the retention period is completed.  Once the retention period is complete the mailbox will be completely deleted. So, your .edb file will not go smaller untill the retention period. The default retention period is  30 days. You can change the settings by going to mailbox store properties-> Limits.

wmpcAuthor Commented:
Have already deleted the mailboxes manually and no change to the size. Have tried the Eseutil and it locks up after 2%. Will try again
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If you want to reclaim some space quickly, you can set deleted mailbox retention to 0 days.  You can then set the IS maintenance schedule to always, and you should see an online defrag take place (in the event viewer).  Once it finishes you'll get a 1221 event that tells you the space you could reclaim with an offline defrag.  
wmpcAuthor Commented:
Thanks marc, how do I set the IS maintenance to always, can't locate this option. Cheers
Open the properties of the mailbox store in System Manager and go to the Database tab.  Change Maintenance Interval to "Use Custom Schedule".  Click the customize button, and highlight all days all hours.  This should kick off maintenance within a few minutes.

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wmpcAuthor Commented:
Thanks, the online defrag would free up 4 Mg of space. Hardly a huge dent in 2.5 Gig. I have deleted half of the mailboxes and they took up approx half storage in terms of size! Why does deleting 1 Gig of mailbox only free up 4 Meg of space?
ikm7176Sr. IT ManagerCommented:
the online defragmentation does clears the deleted mailboxes in the database and regains the lost space but it will not compress the size physically. you need to do offline defragmentation to reclaim the free space and reduce the size of database. Use the eseutil to perform the offline defragmentation.
wmpcAuthor Commented:
C grade awarded
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