Class that implements a FSM (Finite State Machine)

Could anybody recommend a Java class that could be employed to implement a FSM?

The solution that is being developed will access some machine peripherals and needs to send them commands depending on their current responses, in order to make them execute some tasks.

If the solution was based on C++, there would be a table containing informations such as the possible states, the methods that could be executed for each state depending on the last response, the next states, etc.

I'm new at Java programming and don't have any idea on how to program FSMs using this language, but was told to find any ready to use FSM class to help me.

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You might also benefit from looking at rules engines in Java, which are configurable with text files (xml) and can take actions based on a particular state. Look at under "Java rules engine" (Require All Words)
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I think you'll find everything in here:

Download the Java Source Code for the Java Algorithms book, in which you'll find source code for FSM's and how they can be mutated as well :)

Good luck!
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