Win CE GetIpAddrTable() Linker error

Hi People,

I’m currently developing an Application in Embedded Visual C++ using API not MFC, for a pocket PC which is running Windows CE 3.0.

I’m trying to retrieve the Subnet mask from the pocket PCs network card.

I used the function GetIpAddrTable(), which is OK when I compile, but when I try to build the application I get the following LINKER errors

Creating library MIPSRel/MTool.lib and object MIPSRel/MTool.exp
ScanNetwork.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol GetIpAddrTable referenced in function "int __cdecl scanNetworkNow(struct HWND__ *,char (* const)[512])" (?scanNetworkNow@@YAHPAUHWND__@@QAY0CAA@D@Z)

MIPSRel/MTool.dll : fatal error LNK1120: 1 unresolved externals
Error executing link.exe.

MTool.dll - 2 error(s), 0 warning(s)

I have included the library file iphlpapi.lib in my project setting and have included the iphlpapi.h header file in my source code.

I have listed my source below:

char *  szTotResult;
char data[sizeof(MIB_IPADDRTABLE) + 32 * sizeof(MIB_IPADDRROW)];
ULONG len = sizeof(data);
IN_ADDR  inAddr;
int ind;

// Find all interfaces
if(GetIpAddrTable((PMIB_IPADDRTABLE)data, &len, true ) == NO_ERROR)
             ipAddr = (PMIB_IPADDRTABLE)data;
      for(ind = 0; ind < (int)ipAddr->dwNumEntries; ind++)
            if(ipAddr->table[ind].dwAddr != 0)
                  // combind Addr and Sub net mask
                                      UINT bCast = ipAddr->table [ind].dwAddr  | ~ipAddr-table[ind].dwMask;

            inAddr.S_un.S_addr = bCast;
            szTotResult = inet_ntoa (inAddr);

Can any one help me please ? I have try the same soruce code in Visual C++ and it all works fine.

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When you say:

"I have included the library file iphlpapi.lib in my project setting"

what EXACTLY does that mean?  I think you have NOT included iphlpapi.lib in your LINKER input files.

Go to your PROJECT SETTINGS and the LINK tab there and add "iphlpapi.lib" to the "Object/libary modules" edit box there for ALL of your configurations.
LPlateAuthor Commented:
I have included iphlpapi.lib in my PROJECT SETTINGS -> LINK
For ALL your configurations?

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Or, alternatively, specify

#pragma comment ( lib, "iphlpapi.lib")

in one of your header files.
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