ADSL modem mistery - what's going on?

Hi all!

I have Toshiba WBG-1200A ADSL modem. The modem is wireless and it's controlled via html pannel (connected to my PC via ethernet cable). I can sucessfuly connect to internet via either cable or wireless connection and all works fine for the first few hours...

But then, all of a sudden I loose the access to the internet. Let me be more specific. I only loose access to web sites, while p2p, file sharing and messengers are working fine all the time, it's just the access to web sites that doesn't work. Furthermore, if, instead of typing the URL address I type IP of a website, it works! This points out towards a communication problem between DNS and my system. I'm sure that it's not a modem, since I need to restart the computer (not the modem) in order to resume the normal operation for the next few hours. I have another PC connected to the same router, but that one doesn't time out...

So, it must be the difference between the two that creates the problem, I hear you say... Correct! And the only obvious ones are Zone Alarm Firewall and Kazaa Lite...

Is it possible that Kazaa Lite (my main suspect!) is taking over the ADSL connection and not allowing the modem to retrieve the web sites? Is this just a peculiar for Toshiba modems? What sort of link does it have with DNS server (is it possible that DNS is tripping my modem out?)and can I avoid it? This doesn't happen when I connect the same computer (with the same software) to my works network, but there we don't have ADSL, we have T1, but they both use the same RJ connector (and that means same protocols in my PC). So we close the circle, cause if the protocols in my PC are always the same, the thing working on work network means that my modem is faulty, but it's the PC, not the modem that need to be restarted in order for the normal operation to resume...

One obvious answer is not to run Kazaa Lite and messenger, but I share some of my work this way (the only way I know that I can afford) and Messenger is a way of life...

Thank you for all your suggestions

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hmm verry intersting..  have you tried setting up your own dns server??
  here is a link to one thats eas to install and configure
  download Simple DNS
it will take ooo 2 min to download you can install it on any machine ( win98, 2000, server, ect..) just the default install will have it up and running point your computers to the computer you install it on... and thats it... tr that see if it clears up your problem..

Simple DNS has its own root servers so to resolve domains ou dont need to do an additional configuration and it has a wizzard to help configure an domains you may want to host.. great little program...
   Good Luck hope this helps..

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sljapicAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your response vtobusman...

No can do, I'm missing the machine... The second machine I have sits on the same DSL router as my "problem" one, plus it's an' old bag of crap, win95, if I keep it running constantly it'll last for a week, and then my wife will kill me for not having what to shop on, or even worse, she'll ask for my computer to do it... Brrrrr, chilling thought... :-) I guess I can just set it up for a short period of time and see if it works, and if it does, consider an upgrade of my home PC...

I've tried the program out on my PC and (it obviously didn't work, but it did delay the communication breaking point from 1-2 hours to 5-6, which is more acceptable. Now, I'm not sure if that was by chance or if Simple DNS has anything to do with it, but the trial period run out, so I could test it properly, on the other hand, buying something that I'm not sure it'll work, especially if it's not intended for that purpose, is stupid...

So, in short, I'm still at it... Any other ideas, or further suggestions... Thanks
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Len AbertsCommented:
I think it is against the rules to post an email address. ;)
sljapicAuthor Commented:
Sorry for not responding yesterday, was away, so all work, no play...

Vtobusman, in this case Mrclean is right, this is a disscussion panel and what we are talking about here may help the others, therefore please post your comments here. Furthermore, with all the viruses knocking about, I don't like the idea of posting my address anywhere or sending it to anyone (with all do respect man, I know you are trying to help me and all...), so sorry, it might seem rude, but that is the way it is... Now, don't get me wrong, you are the only one who even tried to solve my problem and I respect your suggestion. I'm waiting for more comments on the subject, but if yours is the only one (or only one that works!), you'll be awarded points and that will be the end of that...

Am I an ungrateful bas**rd here? If I am, I apologise...

I apologise as well ...
  sorry i seen since i was the only ont tring to help it would be faster for me to just send e-mail back and forth  its kinda hard with the e-mails received from e.e.
  what i mean is that i post so much that i receive like 20-30 e-mails a day from ee so seing that sljapic need more help i just had him send it to one of my other accounts to put him first on my list...

  i will not do this again....
Len AbertsCommented:
Now, to summarize what I think is happening:

1. Connection is lost and rebooting the computer and not the modem "fixes" problem.

2. Computer works fine on company network.

     Believe it or not, I have had this type of thing quite often and it usually ( 9 out of 10) ends up being the ethernet card. I have had computers that completely fail to connect through the modem, but work on a LAN just fine. Replacing the card fixes the problem. I have also had ones that are intermittent like yours that replacing the card has fixed the problem. (don't know why, but it has worked, as you said; same protocols and all. I usually have replaced the card with the same one and used the same driver and it worked, so that is why I am leaning towards the card)
The following are further suggestions to try.
     Do you use a different connection profile at work? Try deleting the home one and remaking it if there is. Before replacing the card, you may try uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers. You may even try the card in a different slot also. The restarting will "reset" the TCP/IP and get another IP address, if you lose the lease on the IP address, it will usually "unlink" the DNS. When this happens, you will not be able to connect except through IP address (since the DNS will not change). If the card is flaky, it may only partially resolve things. If the modem is set for DHCP for the particular connection, you may want to try changing it to a static address. If the computer in question is connected through ehernet and the one that has no problem is wireless (or visa versa), you may want to check the settings in the modem. Some wireless configuration (not real familiar with the details of your modem) will have short leases for security purposes and sometimes timeouts set. It is also possible (if it is the ethernet connection) that the port in the modem is bad. From your wording in the post, you seem to say that it is connected through ethernet at both locations. I assume that you have already tried swapping the ethernet cable and all. What OS are you using? Hope some of this will be helpful! ;)
sljapicAuthor Commented:
Well, thanks for your suggestions mate... My modem is Toshiba WBG-1200A, wireless external with no drivers or any other software apart from it's onboard firmware that I've reinstalled already. Connection profile is the same at work or at home. IP adress is dynamic and there is very little I can do about that. No modem timeouts, that was the first one I've looked into...

OS is WinXP pro.

Any further ideas anyone...

Your computer is not able to resolve IP addresses associated with domains. This means, your nameservers are incorrect. May be you are using a VPN connection or vmware or some other application which tweaks your nameserver / default gateway and forgets to restore it.

Try the following commands on DOS prompt:
ipconfig /all                         <= Know your current settings
ipconfig /release                  <= Release associated IP address(es)
ipconfig /renew                     <= Renew IP address(es)

Good Luck
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