Getting "Could not lock file error in asp trying to open access database

I am getting a "Could not lock file" error when i try to open an access database via asp.  I have IIS installed on a WIn2000 box and I believe the permission for IUSR_ are set correctly (IUSR _ has access to the database.)  It's not a problem with my connection string because I copied this web from a different box were it worked fine.  Any suggestions would be great.....
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butcherd11Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Okay, the next thing to try would be to check the permissions set against the folder the script is running from.

the IWAM user would be accessing for the VBProject... but through a browser, the IUSR account would be used, unless another is specified...

two things to try:
1) check the IUSR permissions.. whether they are read, or ( read/write ),
2) next thing if that doesn't work, would be to change the pooling on the folder by right clicking in IIS the virtual server in question. Tab through to the home directory folder, and make sure that
read is ticked, write is ticked.... then lower down ..

Execute permissions: Scripts Only
Application Protection: Low( IIS Process )

Hope this helps...


Dave :)

Just a thought, but is the connection trying to reference the database on your CD-ROM, or does it have read only privelages associated with it, or the folder?

D_M_DAuthor Commented:
The database resides in a sub directory under the wwwroot folder.   Just to test I create a VB project and added a data environment.  I was able to access the database that way, but not thru VBscript.
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I agree with dave...

When you open an access file it creates a lock file.  If the user has permissions to the access file, but not to the folder it is in, it would be unable to create the lock file, and would return the error message you're getting.

D_M_DAuthor Commented:
Sorry only have 75 points to offer...
Did it work then ? ;)
D_M_DAuthor Commented:
I need to test at home.  I will let you know later today... Thanks
D_M_DAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help.  The folder rights were incorrect.  I added write access and it worked.  

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