C++ and Visual C++

Hi everybody
I am a beginner. Can you tell me a the difference between C++ and visual C++?. Can I program GUI using C++?
Thank you
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>Can I program GUI using
Yes of course.
>Can I program GUI using
Yes of course.
When speak " Visual C ++ " mean Microsoft Visual C ++. It just an IDE.
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There is no difference between C++ and visual C++. Maybe you question is about programing in windows, for example, in visual C++ you can use C++ programing language to make a windows application, based in the MFC or directly with the window's API, in Borland C++ you can make a windows application based in the OWL or directly with the window's API. The difference between this, is that there are some libraries that microsoft, borland or other providers develop to help you.
Remember that C++ is only one like java, basic, pascal, etc.
I hope this can help you.
Visual C is just a category of IDE (Integrated Development Environments) for C. Visual IDE's were developed for also for Pascal, FoxPro, and even for other programming languages.
A visual IDE is just an extended version of a non-visual IDE for the same programming language, and is not expected to issue different code. The specific aspect of a visual IDE is a series of dialogs which are allowing the editing of an interface elements of a new program: instead of writing the code for a dialog box and it's controls, to have it drawn (with commands as for a graphic editor) and once a certain model is signaled by the user as acepted, the visual IDE generates automatically the appropriate code. Size, position, colors and other aspect details are adjusted by mouse movements, and no code readjustments are needed for a proper aspect of the application. This way an application with complex interfaces is easier developed, and the automatically generated code has an increased stability, but also certain limits (often large and remains adjusted more to the needs of a large category of users than to the ones of a certain application).
Visual C++ for Windows has also MFC classes, but such enveloping classes are an additional feature, not mandatory for the visual nature of a C++ IDE.
A visual C has a significant difference from a visual C++: it would generate just C code (without classes, references, new and delete memory operators, etc).

Good luck !
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