Problem with booting up my HP Omnibook Laptop

Good morning you guys!  I was referred to you from a friend and need to ask a question.  I have a HP Omnibook Laptop and the problem is, 6 months ago, I changed both my passwords including the 1st "administrative password" so that my ex-girlfriend could not get into it-we had issues.  Well, now I can't remember what either one of them are!  I know, very stupid for not writing it down.  Now, Here is what I do, I turn on the computer and before it will even boot into Windows (I don't even get far enough for my desktop screen to come up), the "Administrator Password" section comes up says "Boot Password".  I have even tried putting in a Windows 2000 NT in hopes that it would just ask me if I wanted to install it again but-the darn "Boot Password" comes up every time.  I'm not technical in computers and I do not know what to do.  I have spent HOURS trying to remember what I changed them too.  What can I do??  I need your guys help!!!!  Please....
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Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
Hi VickiJohnson,
Windows  Password Recovery

Try the following,

First: Are you sure yove forgotton it? Try just hitting return (in case there is no password), Then try all the password you would usually use
remember passwords are CaSe senSiTive so try with the caps lock on and off, or capitalise the first "Letter"

NB. All these tools, and links are to third party tools and involve directly or indirectly changing the registry. I accept no responsibility for their use.

Your passwords are held (encrypted) in your registry and in youre "restore" directory. These tools edit one or more of these locations from a boot disk

Arm yourself with a blank (clean) Floppy Disk

Ive used this one on XP and it works

Or try the following

This link will download software that creates a Linux Boot floppy that will let you change Passwords.


Using this link you will have to download the Image writer then the boot disk image


Or try This one from Sunbelt


This ones NOT free but Its what I use


Offline NT Password & Registry Editor, Bootdisk


Windows XP / 2000 / NT Key is a program to reset Windows XP / 2000 / NT security if Administrator password, secure boot password or key disk is lost.  ($195.00)

Heres some further reading

How to Log On to Windows XP If You Forget Your Password or Your Password Expires;en-us;321305

Windows XP Security - The Big Joke
FIX for above;en-us;818200

Good Luck! PL


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Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
whoops misread that this is the one you need

BIOS Password Troubles?

Basically there are usually TWO types of BIOS password

1. Startup Password; This stops the PC booting till a password is entered.
2. BIOS password; This stops you entering the BIOS setup until a password is entered.

This information is held in a CMOS (Complimentary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) chip, this is used because it only requires a TINY amount of voltage to keep its settings. This voltage is usually supplied by a Lithium battery on the motherboard (Some Laptops don’t have this they store the info in Flash memory - Consult the handbook)

The easiest way CLEAR the settings is

1. Look in the motherboard Manufacturers handbook most have a set of "Jumper pins" which can be shorted using a "jumper" - This is a small plastic peg that shorts he pins. More modern motherboard actually have a reset switch.

2. Remove the battery, on VERY old PC's the battery is soldered on, if this is the case you need to either wield a soldering iron (which I don't recommend) or take it into the shop. ENSURE the PC is unplugged (at both ends) and remove the battery - leave the PC for at least 20 minutes, and replace the battery.

If you don’t fancy getting the screwdrivers out you DO have other options.

1. Flash the BIOS this resets everything, to do this you MUST have access to the floppy drive, visit the motherboard manufacturers website and find an "Updated" BIOS for your PC, Follow the installation directions TO THE LETTER.

2. Overload the Keyboard buffer; Overloading the keyboard buffer can crash the password routine and let the computer boot. Try this by pressing the ESC key repeatedly, possibly more than 100 times. (I’ve not tried this - I’m to impatient :0)

3. Try a dedicated BIOS cracker


4. Try various known "Back Door" Passwords these differ depending on the BIOS manufacturer (usually written on the chip)

For Award BIOS


For Phoenix BIOS

5. If all the above fail (And its Mission Critical) go to

*****References and Further reading*****,24330,3339616,00.html (MORE Back Door Passwords Here :0)

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VickiJohnsonAuthor Commented:
Thanks but the problem I am having is that even before the laptop boots up-the first password that comes up is the "boot password" and I can not remember that password to even get the computer going.....
I have Windows NT 1998.
I have tried pressing F2 at the initial power up and even F8 and still, the first thing that comes up is "boot password".....  :(
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
hello vicky

did you read the
Basically there are usually TWO types of BIOS password

1. Startup Password; This stops the PC booting till a password is entered.
2. BIOS password; This stops you entering the BIOS setup until a password is entered.

post above ??

:0) Pete
VickiJohnsonAuthor Commented:
Hi Pete,

Yes, It asks for the "boot password" as soon as I turn on the computer and this is the one I can not remember......I do not know how to change it or get around it.
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
Hello this question has been open a while please take the time to come back and clean it up.

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