The difference between ALL-IN-WONDER video cards

     I was thinking about getting ALL-IN-WONDER, but I saw different models for the same size.  My question is what is the difference between (beside the price differences): All In Wonder Radeon 7500 AGP 64MB, All In Wonder Radeon 9000PRO AGP 64MB, All In Wonder Radeon 8500DV AGP 64MB.  They all have 64MB, but the numbers kind of confused me like 9000pro, or 8500DV or 7000.  What does it mean?  The reason I'm buying the ALL-IN-WONDER is only to capture a video that I took and edit it using Adobe Premiere or Ulead.  So which one is best for capturing a video?


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They all capture video.  A 7500 is slower than the other two.  Also, it has earlier technology.  I has full hardware support for DX6 or 7...  Both and all others will run perfectly well.

An 8500 is quite fast.  It's good for games, and it has full DX8.1 hardware compatibility.

A 9000 is the third generation video card.  First came the 7000 series (not T&L support until the 7500).  Then came the 8500.  Finally, the 9700 came out.  Because it was too expensive for most people upon release, cheaper and slower versions were released at the same time.  The 9000 was one of them.  It should have DX9 support.

All In Wonder basically means that ATI has taken yet another fine card and made it capable of doing lots of good things.  Because you want to record video, the 7500 will be perfectly fine for you.  You'll get the same quality, no matter what the speed is.  The speed is only for rendering polygons that are fit into a grid picture, 3D or not, and also for messing with those polygons (refining edges, etc.).

Any AIW card you get will do just as well as all of the others when it comes to the video input.  If you want speed, go for the 9000, 9200, 8500, then the 9600, 9500, 9700, and 9800.  SE cards are released to be available to more people, and therefore they are slower.  Because the pre-9500 cards were released as budget PC video cards, they're slower than 8500s.  I don't know why the 9500 is faster than the 9600.  I guess ATI just went a bit cheap there.  9500s are discontinued, so they were probably expensive to make.

All Radeon cards are completely compatible with Windows and its programs.  If you experience any problems that occur after and not before the video card purchase, please replace the video card.

Thank you,
Radomir Jordanovic

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The numbers simply represent the different graphics chipsets used in the graphics card.
Radomirthegreat explains above which chips are faster.
To give you a better understanding of the chips, an analagy of an operating systems can be used.
So for example Windows 98 can represent one chipset, Windows 2000 could represent one chipset, and Windows XP can represent another chipset.  Just like the operating systems, the different chipsets support different features and are able to do certain things after or better than the others.

Hope that helped!
If you think you should buy one over another because of performance, don't - unless you're going to play video games.  To get ATI AIW features without the video card, buy an ATI TV tuner card.  That's available in most retail stores for about $40-50US.  I have one, and it's just like an AIW card, but without a video processor, TV outlet, and whatever.  It goes into a PCI slot.  I have an nVidia GeForceFX 5200 card, and I have experienced absolutely no compatibility issues.
HI, I have an AIW 7500. It works great for importing video and recording tv shows, etc. It is fast enough so don't waste your money on a newer one. Just make sure you get the CD with the software for it, as Radeon's software is very specific for each card. I've had two of these cards, and if you try to use the wrong software or updated drivers you are in deep do do. But if you can't get the original CD with it, just make sure you get the EXACT software from their site for your EXACT model card. Other than that it will work great! Good luck.
Thanks!  Good luck with your video capturing!
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