Configure user-to-user Apache connection


First, I have 2 XP Professional workstations connected to each other through a switcher running TCP-IP.  Machine 1 is setup and Machine 2 is

After installing Foxserv I have been able to connect to my running Apache service by using "http:/localhost" from Machine 1.  The problem is that I can not connect from Machine 2 to the Apache server, no matter what I try.  Can someone pleas help?
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Is you apache configured to listen to the right address?
Because if it's configured to listen only to you'll get exactly the symptoms you are describing.

can user on machine2 ping the ip address of machine1.

do you have any firewall running on machine1 which may block access?
tellis16Author Commented:
I have Apache listening to all addresses.

Each machine can ping the other with no problem.  And since they are both running XP, I go to the advanced tab of my connection and dissable the firewall thats built into XP.  And I have no other firewall software installed or running.

Thanx Guys
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Okay. What if you open a dos box and Telnet from the client to the server on port 80?
as in
telnet 80

what do you get?
you should get something like

Connected to (
Escape caracter is *]

Or something like that. If you get a failed connection, it means that Apache isn't listening.
tellis16Author Commented:
I did telnet and got some garbage characters with some intelligent phrases as well.  And the connection did not fail.  I had to escape out because telnet hung after the burst of characters on the screen.
Okay so if I recap

You can get to the site simply by typing http://localhost on the "server"

you can ping the "server" from the client

you can telnet to port 80 of the server from the client and you gat actual info instead of a failed or closed connection.

But if you open a browser and type in http://ip.address.of.server

you get? unable to connect?

Cause it really doesn't seem like the connection can be the problem. And it seems like your web server is running and answering.

All I can see that's left is the code on the page itself.

maybe you could put a phony index.html in your root folder with something like
hello this is working

just to see if you get that?

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tellis16Author Commented:

I have dropped the ball on this question and will give you the points for all of your help.

Thanks again,
Terry E.
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