Emulators? ps, ps2

hi, i want to try some of my PS games on the pc, i want to see if there will be any difference in graphics or sound quality.
can anybody suggest some good working emulators? and where can i get them from.

many thanks

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Wojciech DudaCommented:
The best PSX emulator out there is EPSXE:


Get the emulator from there, installation is descibed in the help. Also on this site, under Links, you can find a link to "Pete's Plugins" - there you can get the best graphics plugins for the emulator - they give you much more video settings for the emulator. You don't need the sound and Cd-Rom plugins from Pete's site.

There are no PS2 emulators capable of playing games yet, progress is slow in this field.
GuirutAuthor Commented:
if its not a problem, could you explain the difference between PS and PSX?
GuirutAuthor Commented:
does anybody here know the difference between them?
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There is no difference between a PS and a PSX.  Both are Playstation 1's.

However, Sony announced a super-Playstation 2 that they've dubbed the "PSX."  That is most certainly not a Playstation 1.

Hope that helps.
For PlayStation emulators to work, you must have the game's disk in your hand.

The difference that i seem to believe is that PS stands for PlayStation (of Course).  There are 3 different external styles named PSX, PS1, and PS2.  PSX is the original that is a gray color and larger then the PS1.  The PS1 is smaller and has a light gray color.  PS2 has DVD player, etc. (i think u know that one).  If i'm not mistaken, the biggest hardware difference between PSX and PS1 is that the PS1 doens't have a serial port in the back for older styles of the GameShark and other things that go back there.
Wojciech DudaCommented:
First - the emulator also works with CD-Images on your harddrive (.BIN and .IMG formats) so you don't need CDs.

The difference in the hardware?

PSX stands for Playstation X and is the first console, using CDs, bigger gray box with hard edges. Also referred to as PS sometimes. I will explain the X later on.

PS1, PSOne, is basically the same hardware but more compact, in a smaller light grey box with soft edges, the idea was to release a PSX that you could take along on journeys because it's not that big, and you can find a TV almost anywhere.

PS2 is completely new hardware, with way better games because of the new capabilities. This console has a DVD drive and is capable of playing DVD movies. The box is black and can be positioned horizontally and vertically. Unfortunately because of it's way better performance characteristics it's harder to emulate.

Now the X part:
A long time ago Sony worked together with Nintendo to develop a CD-Rom drive for the SNES. Nintendo wanted to release the drive as an SNES addon, while Sony planned to release a console which basically was the SNES with the CD-Rom drive in one box. They dubbed this the Playstation internally. Then Nintendo dropped the Cd-Rom drive idea and Sony had to develop a console for their already working CD-Rom drive. They dubbed it PSX for Playstation X (the X added just for a "coolness" factor) and released it.
GuirutAuthor Commented:
i see, thanks.

but what do i have to do to play Tekken Tag Tournament or Soul Calibur 2 an pc?
Wojciech DudaCommented:
As these are games for the PS2, there is no way to play these on a PC. As
Wojciech DudaCommented:
As these are games for the PS2, there is no way to play these on a PC. As I said in my first answer, there is no emulator of a PS2 that i capable of playing games. Optimistic guesses say it will take another 1,5-2 years to achieve this.

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they don't exsist for new gameing plateforms because it is still deemed "too hot."  once the next generation comes around, Game Cub, PS2, and X-Box emulators will start popping up.  X-Box will be the first because it runs on DirectX which is already PC compatible software.
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