Connecting 1 PC to Two Networks

I have a DSL and Cable connection on my Network. Half Computters using Cable modem for Web use and half of them using DSL for office use.
There is one computer on my network connected with the DSL connection.
What I want to do is have two network cards or something so Everyone can access that Computer from both networks.

Dsl Network has following setttings
Static IP
DHCP disable

-Cable Modem
Dynamic IP
Dhcp Enable

now Lets say that computer CORP13 is on DSL( right now and dsl users can browser the file's in this computer CAN Cable modem users browser through the Files of that computer as well?
is it possible?
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khansoulAuthor Commented:
it links to the same Question?
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Yes, you can easily connect your Corp13 computer to both networks. Its best if you have Windows NT, 2000, or XP for this setup. You can either assign your single network card 2 IP addresses, or a better method is to install 2 network cards. Just have one card on 1 network, and the other card with the different IP address on the other network...your windows computer now becomes a router, joining both networks!
khansoulAuthor Commented:
Both networks have subnet mask of
khansoulAuthor Commented:
sparks44 what about the Gateway?
both networks have Different GateWay's.

I can VIEW files on Corp13 from any computer?

AND if I add IP address to one NIC, how can I modifiy gateway for that IP Address?

Plus i should Connect Each network card to a new Port(rj45) which will connect that port to the Specific Router?
If you use two network cards, only one should have a default gateway. You cannot have two, don't need two.

Yes, both networks would then be able to connect to/view files on that computer, and in turn, it can connect to/view files on any system on either network.
Existing NIC -- Existing router
New Nic -- Other router/hub/switch

If you try to simply add a 2nd IP address to the one NIC, you will have to physically connect the two networks somewhere else..
khansoulAuthor Commented:
> New Nic -- Other router/hub/switch

if that other Router is working as DHCP? then I dont have to define any IP Address for that new NIC?

if YES then i will put a ip for that New Nic, a subnet Mask and other Router's Gateway?

and that New Nic must connect to the new Router as well  via Cable?
You should be able to get an address via DHCP.. plug and play as long as you plug into the other network with a proper RJ45 cable..

You can indeed use DHCP, but if your CORP13 computer is being used as any sort of server, its best to manually put in the IP address (pick an address that is not in the range your DHCP server is handing out)

Also, with DHCP (on both cards), you will not be able to remove the 2nd gateway. lrmoore is correct, you don't need 2 gateways.

Saqib KhanSenior DeveloperCommented:
getting confused now.

currently corp13 has these settings

- GateWay
   Static IP
    DHCP disable ( on router)

and the New router has the following settings

DHCP Enabled

all the Clients connect to it are set to Get ip and dns Automatically.

Now on Corp13 one(current) network is fine. I dont want to change anything as its connected to 20 other computers, I want to stick a new NIc into it, Please tell me what setting do I need to apply on this new NIC.
Saqib KhanSenior DeveloperCommented:
by the Way Corp13 is just a Client connected to the Router(
Just install the new NIC, give it any available IP address in the new router's range ( to, you will likely use for the mask since you probably are not sub-netting. Leave the default gateway empty, and add whatever DNS servers are available on your new routers network provided by your ISP. That should do it, you'll be connected to both networks!
Saqib KhanSenior DeveloperCommented:

I will install NIC tomorrow.

so if I get this right.

even though DHCP is enable, give it any IP address within the range?

My ISP did not give me the DNS Address, if I pull it out from 'Dos' by typing ipconfig I can see it, Can i use that DNS Address into my nic? or is it Dynamic like IP.
 My ISP is Cable vision. or maybe I should call them for DNS?.

Thank You.
If you have any computers attached to the existing Cable vision network, yes you can use the DNS entry you get from ipconfig/dos.

DHCP may be enabled on your Router as a service, but when you Manually put in an IP address into your PC, DHCP client will no longer actively request an IP address from the router.
khansoulAuthor Commented:
unfortunately I am going to order NIC's today, I dont have addition NIC's in my Company. have to wait before i test them :-|
khansoulAuthor Commented:
I got the NIC's.
I assigned the IP Address to both nic's successfully.

Now the Computer having 2 NIC's  can Access any Computer on the (Cable and DSL) Network.

But other Computer's such as mine with one NIC can not Access that Computer. When I try to Connect to that Computer i receieve this Error message

Corp13 not Accessible
there are currently no Logon Servers Available to Service the Logon request.
khansoulAuthor Commented:
one more thing I can Ping computer Successfully, but can not View Files or Connect.
You probably have a DC insatlled that can't connect to the target, and hence you are unable to present verifiable credentials.
Saqib KhanSenior DeveloperCommented:
Yes DC is installed.
I tried that computer to disJoint from the DC but still had no LUCK.
Please advise me what to do.
khansoulAuthor Commented:
Yes as Adilkhan mentioned( Co workers).
Please help me As soon as Possible.
What Should I do.
khansoulAuthor Commented:
Please Help.
Any suggestions?

Make sure to run NetBIOS over TCP/IP.
Saqib KhanSenior DeveloperCommented:
You mean Install NetBios Protocol and Do I also need to Change the IP settings for NetBios?
khansoulAuthor Commented:
Installing another NIC into the DC solved the problem:)
Thanks guys.
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