CD Drives not detected

I have a problem, my cd drives are not detected anymore.  I have tried swaping cables and changing jumper setting.  I tried switching between primary and secondary controllers.  The hard drive is detected ,when I swtich controllers, on the one that I switch it to so, they are fine.  I tried like 5 different cables and also probably every configuration you can think of.  I also reset the BIOS, and still nothing.  What else can I try?  They were both detected and were working fine and one day they disappeared, that is the problem?
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Spike99Connect With a Mentor On-Site IT TechnicianCommented:
The drives won't be detected at the BIOS level if the cables are connected incorrectly.  Is there a red stripe on the cable?  That connector has to inserted so that the red stripe is is close to PIN 1 on the CD drive.  Generally, PIN1 is located next to the power connector on the back of the drive.

Here is a web page that describes how to install a Iomega ZipCD CD-RW as the only device on the secondary IDE channel:

Here's another page describing how to install a ZipCD as the slave on the primary IDE channel:

These pages deal with one vendor's product, but most of the instructions are applicable to all CD drives.

I hope this helps,

Is this XP or Win2000

CD-ROM Access Is Missing and Messages Cite Error Code 31, Code 32, Code 19, or Code 39 After You Remove Easy CD Creator in Windows XP;EN-US;314060

Alternatively here is a vb script to do the above:

Cannot Access CD-ROM and "Code 31" Error Message in Device Manager After You Remove Adaptec Easy CD Creator from Your Computer;en-us;270008
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Do this registry edit to get yoru CD-ROM drive back.

CD and DVD Restore in Windows XP
Im guessing the drive isnt even showing up in the BIOS??
What changed from the day it was working to the next day when it wasting working?
Did you make any hardware changes or any software changes?
Maybe the drives simply had it?  Try checking the drive on another computer to see if it is recognised in the bios.
Are you using 40 way or 80 way IDE cables?
the 80 way cables must be connected correctly or they will not work at all.
dfreitusAuthor Commented:
I replaced a DVD drive, thats it, but I got it to work, it just starting working as quickly as it stopped, I put the cable on again and it worked, maybe I kept on putting it one wrong.  Shamstar, it wasnt detected in the BIOS, right.
Have to try to play come Song CD on to confirm it still working??

If not i think is u OS that cause it.

Try to reinstall the OS.
I don't see any way to but the cable on wrong. The cable is tabbed at both ends to prevent this from happening.

What does work?

lights on the CD ROM's?

sound on the CD ROM's?

Does the OPS see them but cant read anything?

so did you add or replace the DVD drive, could be a power issue!

whats the setup of your PC please?


dfreitusAuthor Commented:
Everything works now, I left the computer alone for a few days and when I put the cable back in, it worked.  I dont know what changed, but as suddenly as it stopped it worked again.
Great, good to know things are working again then.
I suppose you wanna avoid changing any seetting just incase it happens again.
But there might be a bit of a problem there as well, it decided to fix itself, so it
may well just happen again sometime in the future?
Normally something of that nature could be caused by bad wireing in the cables or even the CD Drive.
Something to keep in mind for the future or if you do decide to tinker around with the drive: a common reason drives dont show up in the bios is because the jumers are incorrectly set as either the master device or slave device.

Hope things keep working! :-)
80 way (ATA100) IDE cables are usually colour coded, as there are 2 device plugs and a motherboard plug
motherboard = blue
master drive = black
slave drive = grey

if you connect the blue to a drive, it won`t work
A similar thing happened to me. Both my TDK burner and Sony DVD disappeared from "my computer" and I disconnected them (power and cable) booted the computer, powered down and booted the computer to find them there.

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