Install Windows 2000 on XP Machine - cannot boot from CD

Hopefully someone can help - no response from supplier yet....

Brand new laptop arrived today, with XP factory installed.  I'm tyring to install Win2K from CD, but I get a blue screen at a certain point.  Investigated this further, which suggests the problem is because it's a USB CD drive.

No internal CD or Floppy drive, and I've tried DVD drive on 1394.  Boot disks just froze - floppy is also on usb, but it did start at least.

Any ideas?
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Luc FrankenEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
you might try to create bootdisks for installing win2k. just boot with a win98 bootdisk (if you don't have one get one from and browse to your win2k cd-rom. You can find makeboot.exe in the /i386 directory. You'll need 4 disks. Now try booting from them and starting the installation from there. Also make sure USB-legacy mode is enabled in the BIOS and the virus protection of your BIOS is disabled (you can enable this after you've installed win2k)

Can you boot to XP on the original installation?  If so, do that and then load your W2K CD.  COPY all the files from it to your hard drive in a new folder like C:\W2KCD

Then, from XP's explorer, run the SETUP.EXE file from C:\W2KCD.  The W2K installer will use the hard disk as the source of its installation files instead of the USB CD or floppy and you should be successful.
fraggle5Author Commented:
LucF - have tried using WIN2K boot disks, but this just freezes.  Other settings appear to be fine.  I'll try Win98 Bootdisks...

jhance - I've tried that - when you start setup, it says 'This is an earlier version of Windows so setup features will be disabled'.  You can still browse the CD, but you can't execute the setup file.
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Sounds bad...

See if your laptop supplier has a USB hardware device driver that you can load at the prompt for it in the W2K installer.
You have to press F6 and add any drivers you need at the very begining of the installation.  (adding to jhance comment)
Rob StoneCommented:
Does it have a network card?

You could try installing over the network but without a floppy drive you would need to use RIS and have a PXE Network card.
this would work but he would have to create a new partition prior to running the setup file. the CD will load the set up files onto the partition it's being ran from.

So help me out guys!
What i'm thinking is?
create a new partition
copy files to this new partition
open msconfig and alter the boot.ini file to reflect lets say
default=multi(0)disk(0)rdiskt(0)partition(2)\"NAME OF NEW PARTITION"
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdiskt(0)partition(2)\"NAME OF NEW PARTITION"="Microsoft Windows 2000 Profesional" /Fastdetect
he would now have to go into the bios and make the new partition active.
and reboot

since the setup.exe file now resides inside the new partition and he is now booting directly to the new partition would this work? or am I missing a step somewhere?
am I a dreamer with a large imagination ?

now he has to delete th XP Partition and either merge the two together or leave old partition as storage area.

Stoner79 , LucF
what do you think?

or install a DOS partition
set the DOS partion default
boot to DOS
install all files off CD to NEW PARTITION
navigate through the system
find the setep.exe file in PARTITION (2) or drive D: for example
execute file

I don't believe you would get an error message of 'This is an earlier version of Windows so setup features will be disabled' anymore.

I feel like i'm on the right track, but not there yet.

I am still thinking!
No Light bulbs yet!
other ideas would be nice though!


how much will it cost for a local store to put in an internal floppy drive for you , the reason I say this is if you touch it yourself you might void your newly purchased warranty.

Luc FrankenEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
Try booting from a winME bootdisk (if you don't have one, get one from run Fdisk to delete all partitions, then recreate them. Reboot (with the winME bootdisk) format the drive. Create a directory called something like "winsetup" then copy all contents of the cds /i386 directory to that directory on your harddrive. Try running setup from there. (If this fails, try booting from your win2k setupdisks wich you already have) Be sure not to let setup recreate partitions etc.

fraggle5Author Commented:
OK - sorry I haven't checked back for a while.....

I spoke to the supplier who said I could install WIN2K SP3+ with CD - trouble was I only had WIN2K no SP, but I found an article explaining how to add a service pack to a WIN2K CD:

This worked perfectly, so while I've got my new laptop, I've got no idea what to do about the points! :-s

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glad the manufacture got back with you!

but did they tell you why it would not boot from the cd in the first place!

good luck
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