76800 Baud in windows

Hi there,
I have a problem that if I try to enter 76800 into the DCB structure, the actual baud rate it produces is 115200.
Is there any way I can acheive 76800 as it is required by a piece of gear I need to connect to. (Usually with a micro).
Thanks in advance
David S

BTW: I've been away from this site for a while. Although the site looks very 'pretty' and pleasing to the eye, does anyone find it a tad difficult to navigate?
Although I know it now, I thought the bar at the top is not obvious enough that it is a list of topics. Just my opinion.
 cheers all :o)
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76800 is not a standard multiple of the UART clock frequency.  Some (but not many) serial port hardware devices can possibly do this but in general you'll need to special and very flexible COM port card with a fully programmable bit clock to do this.

What kind of goofy gear would use this? The standard frequencies are:


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dschAuthor Commented:
I write software for Radio modules that interface with RS232 data, and the fastest speed for the clock we can acuratley run with on the micro is 76800 which is a speed my customer is requesting. It is OK for his micro, but murder for us to set PC software to do the testing of his modules.
If there's no way to do this then I wouldn't lose too much sleep on it, I just needed to find out if there was a simple solution, setting etc to do it.
Thanx for your comments jhance
You can set other baud rates than the standard ones by programming the divisor latch.
gives some hint how the baud rate is set. The only problem here is that there is no integer divisor to get to your desired value (1.5 is the divisor). Depending on the effort you can put into this you can either try a card which supports other rates or change the quartz from 1.8 MHz to some larger value which should allow the standard frequencies plus your desired one. This could be doubling the frequency but more likely you will find only 18.xx MHz. In that case you need 15 as divisor but have to write a driver to set the DLAB values correctly for normal windows operation. When windows wants to set it to 6 you have to put 60 in it.
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57600 should be a valid rate (CBR_57600) and that would be closer to your goal.

What have you tried?  There is setting the literal value into DCB.BaudRate and there is also BuildCommDCB().  How do you know what value is actually being set?

-- Dan
dschAuthor Commented:
Unfortunatley the Micro's accuracy is over 3% @ 57600 so cannot be used.
SetCommState & GetCommState have been used.
The value does return as if I have set it at 76800.
Haven't used BuildCommDCB(), can't see how It would help as I need SetCommState to apply the DCB to the port.

Thanks again

Way, way wayyyyyyyyy over my head! :o) But illuminating non the less. ThanX
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I believe that jhance's comment is the correct answer.
-- Dan
Sorry Dan, but I just guide myself because of the askers comment.
I guess jhance's answer maybe the correct one, but as the asker didn't acknowledge it as such, in fact I believe he did just the opposite, I recommended the PAQ with refund.

dschAuthor Commented:
Never got this working in 76800 but if it it the opinion of the panel I will accept jhance as answer. THere was always the off chance that someone may have replied knowing of a working solution.
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