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 I would like to create a program that logs how much time is spent playing quake 1.  I know the ip address and port of each computer on our network, what I need is to know is how can I tell if a computer is playing the game or not. What I would like is something like a ping command that the game responds to. I'm sure something like this exists because there are many web sites and programs dedicated to detecting quake servers.
Does anyone know if quake will respond to any command that I can detect?
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I found the Quake protocol specification:
It uses UDP so you will have to send some UDP packets (like a ping packet) to the IP and the standard ports (or a range around the standard ports to be sure) and wait for an answer. Then you extract the port and ip of the answer and you have a server for your list.
Brad Dobyns, CSMScrumMasterCommented:
Have you looked at this or am I off base:

The sites and programs that 'detect' the game servers request the server list from a master-server (nearly always hosted by the developers) that has all the needed information.
Every newly created server notifies the master-server that it exists so it will show up on the list of the master-server.

You could probe the ports of the games in a certain range of IP-Addresses and then check if the protocols used match with the ones used by the game.

funkyfingerAuthor Commented:
This is what I am asking what is a protocol that I can scan for?
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