To shut down the machine

i want to shut down, log off, and restart the machine(running on windows) using the functions which i can implement inVC++

(iam able to only log off using ExitWindowsEx function)

plz help  in these pts

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if (!ExitWindowsEx(EWX_SHUTDOWN | EWX_FORCE, 0))
      return FALSE;
Note that the code fragment above is simpleminded.  It will work ONLY on Win9x/ME.  It will fail on NT4/2000/XP due to lack of proper privilege by the calling process.

Please see the Microsoft example here:

It shows you exactly how to do this.  Indeed it's more complex than the above sample but having the SE_SHUTDOWN_NAME privilege is critical for success.

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     HANDLE                        hToken;
      TOKEN_PRIVILEGES      tkp;
      BOOL                        bOpenProcessTokenGood;
      bOpenProcessTokenGood = OpenProcessToken(GetCurrentProcess(), (TOKEN_ADJUST_PRIVILEGES | TOKEN_QUERY), &hToken );

      if( !bOpenProcessTokenGood )
      //* Get the LUID for the shutdown privilege.                       *
      LookupPrivilegeValue( NULL, SE_SHUTDOWN_NAME, &tkp.Privileges[0].Luid );

      tkp.PrivilegeCount = 1;
      tkp.Privileges[0].Attributes = SE_PRIVILEGE_ENABLED;
      // Set the shutdown privilege for this process.                    *
      AdjustTokenPrivileges(hToken, FALSE, &tkp, 0, (PTOKEN_PRIVILEGES)NULL, 0);
      ExitWindowsEx( EWX_REBOOT, NULL );      
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It seems you've been participating here on EE long enough to be aware of the rules...
which rule are you refering to?
or rules..
were you aware that using terms like "simipleminded" is not really appropriate according to the rules?
Note that I said the APPROACH is simpleminded.  I did NOT indicate that the user was.  Take it up with the moderators.
same back at ya jack...

The term simpleminded should never be used period, it is arrogant and the wrong choice of words.  If you cared anything about the real reason this site exists, you wouldn't use words like that and say the kinds of things I've seen you say in other posts.

This site is about helping people, not belittling them or their methods or approaches and not about boosting your ego by appearing to be a genius.
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