Problem related to JApplet with Swing Interface.

Posted on 2003-11-11
Last Modified: 2008-03-17
I have used 10 JButton and 1 JTextPane(text area) on one JContentPane.Now I want that when i will press one button then cursor goes to text area and i will enter information on text area and this text data have to stored and referenced with that pressed button, then when i will press on other button then text area will become clear and i will enter information on text area and this data also store and referenced with this second one. Now when i will presss that first button then by default that stored text data will have to enter in text area means i can see text data related to first pressed button on text area when i will again press on it. So how can i do this ? i want to map one text area with 9 JButton. I am sending my applet class file with this question so please refer this for reference.

import java.applet.AppletContext;
import java.awt.*;
import java.awt.event.*;
import java.util.StringTokenizer;
import java.util.Vector;
import javax.swing.*;
import javax.swing.text.*;

public class GBAJTP1 extends JApplet
    implements ActionListener, MouseListener
       //String ButtonLabel = null;

       public GBAJTP1()
        antiButton = new JButton("Anticipated Conclusion");
        titleButton = new JButton("Title of Question Diagram");
        mainButton = new JButton("Primary predictor variable");
        outButton = new JButton("Outcome");
        inclButton = new JButton("Inclusion Criteria");
        exclButton = new JButton("Exclusion Criteria");
        slitButton = new JButton("Suggested Literature");
        sfundButton = new JButton("Suggested Sources Of Funding");
        sgenButton = new JButton("General Comments");
        confButton = new JButton("Confounder");
            //ButtonLabel = new JButton("");
        /*url1 = null;
        urlc1 = null;
        db_name = "";
        URLtxt = null; */
        fontb = new Font("Arial", 1, 12);

      public void init()
             //URLtxt = readTextFromJar("url.txt");
             ac = getAppletContext();
             Con = getContentPane();
             Con.setBackground(new Color(51, 102, 153));
         setSize(500, 550);
         f = new Font("Verdana", 1, 10);
         fgColor = Color.lightGray;
         titleButton.setBounds(1, 1, 178, 25);
             antiButton.setToolTipText("<html>Please enter what, in your opinion , will be <br> the most likely conclusion of this study.</html>");
         antiButton.setBounds(179, 1, 178, 25);
             mainButton.setToolTipText("<html>Please enter either the risk factor for the <br>outcome or the treatment for the condition</html>");
             mainButton.setBounds(357, 1, 178, 25);
             outButton.setToolTipText("<html>Please enter the main outcomes resulting from<br> exposure to the risk factor or results from the treatment</html>");
         outButton.setBounds(1, 26, 178, 25);
             confButton.setToolTipText("<html>Please enter the main factors that may affect the <br>association between the main effects and outcomes</html>");
         confButton.setBounds(179, 26, 178, 25);
             inclButton.setToolTipText("<html>Please enter very specific inclusion and exclusion criteria <br>adding information to the variables present in the database<br> For example:If your patient population should be restricted <br> to persons with age greater than 65 years old, select the variable  <br>corresponding to age and then add greater than 65 years old. <br>If the patient population should only include certain diagnosis<br> or procedures, select the variable corresponding to the diagnosis<br> and procedure and then select the specific ICD or CPT<br> code using the searching engine at the bottom of the page.</html>");
         inclButton.setBounds(357, 26, 178, 25);
             String s = "<html>Please enter very specific inclusion and exclusion criteria adding <br>informationto the variables present in the database. For example:<br>If your patient population should be restricted . to persons with age  <br>greater than 65 years old select the variable,corresponding to age and <br> then add \uFFFDgreater than 65 years old If the patient population should <br>  only include certain diagnosis. or procedures, select the variable      <br>corresponding tothe diagnosis and procedure and then select the specific .<br>  ICD or CPT code using the searching engine at the bottom of the page.</html>";
         exclButton.setBounds(1, 51, 267, 25);
             slitButton.setToolTipText("<html>Please add any references that may help us better understand your.<br>clinical question and/or serve as background for the analysis and.<br>writing. Please also add any comments about the.literature that may <br>be helpful.</html>");
         slitButton.setBounds(268, 51, 267, 25);
             String s1 = "<html>Please add any other comments about the <br>research question you have formulated.</html>";
         sfundButton.setBounds(1, 76, 267, 25);
             sgenButton.setToolTipText("<html>Please add any other comments about the <br>research Question you have formulated</html>");
         sgenButton.setBounds(268, 76, 267, 25);
             titleArea = new JTextPane();
         JScrollPane jscrollpane = new JScrollPane(titleArea);
         jscrollpane.setBounds(1, 101, 532, 417);
             dtitleArea = titleArea.getDocument();
             titleStyle = new SimpleAttributeSet();
         titlePara = new SimpleAttributeSet();
         StyleConstants.setAlignment(titlePara, 1);
         StyleConstants.setFontFamily(titleStyle, "Verdana");
         StyleConstants.setFontSize(titleStyle, 10);
         StyleConstants.setBold(titleStyle, true);

            titleArea.setParagraphAttributes(titlePara, true);
         catch(Exception exception1) { }
         StyleConstants.setBold(titleStyle, false);
             save = new JButton("Save Question Diagram");
         save.setToolTipText("Click to Save Question Diagram");
         save.setBounds(30, 520, 180, 25);
         view = new JButton("View Question Diagram");
         view.setToolTipText("Click to View Question Diagram in Browser");
         view.setBounds(300, 520, 180, 25);

      public void mouseClicked(MouseEvent mouseevent)
        qd_var_name = mouseevent.getSource();
       public void mousePressed(MouseEvent mouseevent)

    public void mouseReleased(MouseEvent mouseevent)

    public void mouseEntered(MouseEvent mouseevent)

    public void mouseExited(MouseEvent mouseevent)
      void backGround()
            fgColor = Color.lightGray;
      /*void SetBackGround(ButtonLabel)
            ButtonLabel.setBackground(new Color(51, 102, 153));
      public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent actionevent)
                  titleArea.setText("You have pressed "+titleButton.getText());
                  titleButton.setBackground(new Color(51, 102, 153));
            else if (actionevent.getSource().equals(antiButton))
                  titleArea.setText("You have pressed "+antiButton.getText());
                  antiButton.setBackground(new Color(51, 102, 153));
            else if (actionevent.getSource().equals(mainButton))
                  titleArea.setText("You have pressed " +mainButton.getText());
                  mainButton.setBackground(new Color(51, 102, 153));
            else if (actionevent.getSource().equals(outButton))
                  titleArea.setText("You have pressed " +outButton.getText());
                  outButton.setBackground(new Color(51, 102, 153));
            else if (actionevent.getSource().equals(inclButton))
                  titleArea.setText("You have pressed " +inclButton.getText());
                  inclButton.setBackground(new Color(51, 102, 153));
            else if (actionevent.getSource().equals(exclButton))
                  titleArea.setText("You have pressed " +exclButton.getText());
                  exclButton.setBackground(new Color(51, 102, 153));
            else if (actionevent.getSource().equals(slitButton))
                  titleArea.setText("You have pressed " +slitButton.getText());
                  slitButton.setBackground(new Color(51, 102, 153));
            else if (actionevent.getSource().equals(sfundButton))
                  titleArea.setText("You have pressed " +sfundButton.getText());
                  sfundButton.setBackground(new Color(51, 102, 153));
            else if (actionevent.getSource().equals(sgenButton))
                  titleArea.setText("You have pressed " +sgenButton.getText());
                  sgenButton.setBackground(new Color(51, 102, 153));
            else if (actionevent.getSource().equals(confButton))
                  titleArea.setText("You have pressed " +confButton.getText());
                  confButton.setBackground(new Color(51, 102, 153));
      JButton antiButton;
    JButton titleButton;
    JButton mainButton;
    JButton outButton;
    JButton inclButton;
    JButton exclButton;
    JButton slitButton;
    JButton sfundButton;
    JButton sgenButton;
    JButton confButton;
      JButton ButtonLabel;
    JPanel titlePanel;
      JButton save;
    JButton view;
      Color fgcolor;
      Font f;
      Font fontb;
    Container Con;
    Color fgColor;
      AppletContext ac;
      Object qd_var_name;
      JTextPane titleArea;
    Document dtitleArea;
      MutableAttributeSet titleStyle;
    MutableAttributeSet titlePara;
Question by:prajapativijay

Author Comment

ID: 9728426
It's a very very importent question and i want solution for this very urgentely.

Accepted Solution

monkesdb earned 350 total points
ID: 9728517
never ever post your whole code

narrow it down. make it academic and not a debugging exercise.

firstly you're very very little so we'll go slow shall we.

String TheStoredString;


TheStoredString = TheTextBox.getText();



now go crawl back under that rock and NEVER POST YOUR WHOLE CODE AGAIN.


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