how to check precision and length of a long ??


I have a long data type. Along with it I have the maximum allowed length and the maximum allowed precision for the field. I want to check if the given number is within the required specifications.

Something like
boolean result = checkPrecision(longNumber, length, precision);

for example for length 4 and precision 2 the maximum value allowed is 99.99 ...
I want to make a generic method to which i can pass the length and precision and get the maximum allowed range ..

Can you help me out.
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TolsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You may convert it to string and then parse it as String.
mrigankAuthor Commented:
one mistake .. the type is not long but float or double ...
Have a look at the BigInteger class it may be useful.
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I actually meant to type BigDecimal :)
mrigankAuthor Commented:
Actually my problem is that given a length and a precision how do i decide the maximum possible value of a number ..

like if i have 4,2 i have to return 99.99 as the maximum possible value ....
mrigankAuthor Commented:
>> You may convert it to string and then parse it as String.

Actually i got the max value as a string by appending nines to a string buffer and then converted it back to a Double. Just the opposite ;) ... but your suggestion gave me the idea .. :) ....
I'm glad to hear that :-)
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