Hiding FrontPage Counter

I'm a newbie with this.  I just want to hide the front page counter and then read the hits.  If I do the comment out <!--     --> I believe, correct me if I'm wrong, that I won't be able to see the actual number of hits unless I take the comments out and republish briefly.  Anywork around?

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Here's the best way to handle this:

Create an image 3px by 3px or larger as a solid .gif (.jpg will not work), the same color as your background, and save the image in the 'images' folder of your web using the 'save as' command from the drop-down. Do not make the image transparent.

In FrontPage, open the page you want to insert the hit counter in, and choose Insert | Component | Hit Counter, then choose Custom Picture in the Hit Counter Properties box. Type in '/images/yourpic.gif' in the box. (Substitute the name of your picture and use the forward slash as the first character in your file path.) Click OK and save the page. Publish to your server.

To view the count for a particular page, just type in 'http://www.yoursite.com/_private/page.htm.cnt' into the web browser address bar to see your page hit count. Substitute 'page' in the address for the name of the actual page hits you want to view.


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jimmyrAuthor Commented:
It certainly sounds like it should work, but I can't make it so.  I created a white.gif.  I saved it to the images folder.  I was careful to not make it transparent. I made sure that I kept the same path the name of the picture and the gif extension.  I used the forward slash before images.  I copied the path listed with website/_private/index.htm.cnt path, since I'm using index.htm as the same page.  I made sure it wasn't an .html doc.  

Doesn't work.

Any tips? Anything that could be missed?

Is this page (index.htm.cnt) in the _private folder?
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jimmyrAuthor Commented:
Yes it is.
Then try removing the forwad slash from in front of the image in the Hit Counter Custom Dialog
I think your original idea sounds good, and it is simple too :-)

Try putting the comments <!--  --> around your counter, publish your page, then view it in your browser.  Right click on the page, and click "View Source".  You should be able to see the text between the comment tags.

Be aware, though, savvy web surfers will be able to view this as well.

Hi Jim,

Did you manage to get this working for you?

jimmyrAuthor Commented:
Not really.  But I did a workaround based on what you told me.  I find using the comments resets, but if I use the image same as the background and then take it off to see the actuall number, then the counter doesnt' reset.  For that reason, I'll give you the points.

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