is transaction-support in overkill?


does anybody have experience with the 'transaction' keyword of the @page directive in

<% @page ... transaction="Requires | Supported | RequiresNew | ..." %>

I will give the points not for a solution but for a 'best practices' of how and when I should use
Microsoft transaction server (MTS) as a transaction layer. Especially the influence on performance
and reliability would be very interesting.

As I am in the middle of a time-critical project I appreciate any quick help :-)

Thx in advance,
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first, I would check that whats the necessicity of transaction for GETTING data....

Usually we use transactions to maintain data in that case, u will use it usually while u Insert/update data in database.

Second, like when u r updating more then one tables, I would take an approach that I just call stored proc passing it to necessary paras...and then in that stored proc, i will use sql servers begintran committran and in between i will update multiple tables.

>I think having system-specific stuff as part of the business object
>methods would be really a loss of purity. Automatic transactions with COM+
>would prevent that and even simplify programming.

I agree with this...but COM+ is using interop which significantly adds overheads to your application which I would avoid till it is strictly desired...

instead you can use a seperate Data access layer, which is invoked by your business layer..If you got some time, I recommended Microsoft data access block to study..

This link will explain you about when to use com+ services...
it also shows u how to use them
this will show u how it works internally and why its over kill..

This is excellent resource about COM+Services...

foobar43Author Commented:

great, in-deep information even though the information itself is another overkill :-)

Definitely I will take the time after the project to read all of it, but apparently I would appreciate
some real-life experience with COM+ transactions in the scope of ASP.NET pages.

I expect them to be a great way to keep all the database operations within the
page in one great transaction that would roll back in the case of error / exception.

It this true or would someone suggest to use local transactions instead?

  SqlConnection conn = ....
  SqlTransaction trans = conn.BeginTransaction();


  <%@ page transaction="RequiresNew" %>

Especially I am interested in the performance impact and the reliability of the
MTS service itself. We all know M$ products from time to time have their
little problems...

thx @lot
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I will prefer the MTS transactions in case there are multiple database and connections involved....for single connection/database i will prefer the first method...

foobar43Author Commented:
makes sense...

just one thing without wanting to stretch your patience too far:

I have a couple of business objects that encapsulate the database data like


in order to keep the interface to these objects pure and clean I implicitly get a pooled
SqlConnection inside the business object method


public Product FindByName(string name)
  SqlConnection conn = Database.GetConnection(); // get a pooled connection


In order to use local transactions I would probably need

public Product FindByName(SqlTransaction trans, string name)
  SqlConnection = trans.Connection;

I think having system-specific stuff as part of the business object
methods would be really a loss of purity. Automatic transactions with COM+
would prevent that and even simplify programming.

Do you think the possible loss of performance is significant / worth it?

Is pooling connections inside the methods really crappy or can you live with it?

mucho gracias
foobar43Author Commented:
little typo:

public Product FindByName(string name)

public static Product FindByName(string name)
foobar43Author Commented:
hey, thanks a lot for your help!!

for now I got enough information to put a decision on the current project.
I will go for a mixture of local and stored procedure transactions for the
benefit of speed (plus one service less needed to run my app -
namely MS-DTC).

despite the points I got some nice information for you too which I found
previously. very nice article on performance and .net-transactions in web-apps:

you are absolutely right, the com+ interop overhead is just _too_ much...

thanks and have a nice day

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