Open LN5 user.nsf file with LN6

I had a LN5 and saved my and user.nsf (mails) files in a disc as I was changing my job. Now I have a LN6 and I cannot open my r5 user.nsf file.

Can anyone suggest a solution?
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ZvonkoSystems architectCommented:
What error do you get?

I suppose you did not disable the ACL enforce bit and now you have a different

Generally is there never a problem to open a R5 database in R6

Good morning Zvo-Bro!


Try to copy files to your HDD and remove the read only option in file properties in explorer at file level to see if it might help you.
ZvonkoSystems architectCommented:
Good Morning! <|:-)
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taihendeshoAuthor Commented:
I am getting the error "file is not a database". I have switched to my old,  copied my old under data/mail and write the right path in the user location preferences.

Sorry, but I do not know what does ACL enforce bit mean...


taihendeshoAuthor Commented:
I tried to remove the read only option in file properties but it was already disabled. Any other suggestion? Thanks,
Rename the file to user.ns5 and then open it using R6. If it doesn't open then compact the database by adding it to the workspace or from admin client.

Another option would be to create a replica of the database using admin client.
taihendeshoAuthor Commented:
Hi HemanthaKumar,

I renamed the file and tried to open it under file/database/new/open and the same error message appeared. I also tried to compact the database by adding it to workspace through Database (icon)/browse for a database/mail/user.nsf. The same error again.

Thanks but any other suggestion?
taihendeshoAuthor Commented:
Where can I get an admin client?
If you have installed full domino suite you should be able to find admin client on the bookmark bar or goto File Menu and Select Tools..Server Administration. Once the admin client opens up select Local as the server and you can see Files tab click on it and then right click on the db which will be on your data directory and select create replica option
taihendeshoAuthor Commented:
I will have to download it from Lotus Notes Betas & Trials web page. My copy is Client only. Anyway it will take few hours to do that but I will get back to you.
What is the size of user.nsf ?
taihendeshoAuthor Commented:
About 300 MB.
Sorry, I'm pretty sure you have a corrupt file.  If it says it is not a database at all, then probably nothing will fix it.

If you place the file ni the Notes data directory, and do File -> Database -> Open, does it show the TITLE of the database in the center list box?

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recall .nsf probe ?

Is it possible for you to create a copy of the database just design (NO documents) and mail it to me ??
Hemantha, how the heck is he going to do anything in it with Notes if Notes does not recognize it as a database?!?!?!?!?!?

Arun, what probe?
taihendeshoAuthor Commented:
Sorry, I was off for few hours.

qwaletee - unfortunately it does not appear in the database center list box though I browse where it is located.

Arunkumar - can you explain me about the recall.nsf probe?

HemanthaKumar - Yeah, I can do the same as in the case of "moving mail". I can create a New copy of the user.nsf file called bookmark.nsf. The size is pretty small (from 331M -> 6.5M). I guess it is the copy of the original user when I installed the Notes.

qwaletee - if I do what you suggested to do in the case of "moving mail" I can create a bookmark.nsf as I explained above but I think it is a copy of the empty database (the original user.nsf before I switch the ID)

Thanks, anyway.
taihendeshoAuthor Commented:
Hello all,

I had an old file saved few weeks ago (it is not the same as we were dealing with it) and unbelievably it is working as I followed some of your suggestions.

Thank you very much and I apologize for any inconvenient. Very goog job!
So is the problem Solved ?

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