include variables in JSP forward.

here i'm including two variables
 eg:monfname , time in a forwarded to a  page like below..

page="E:\\Reports\\"+monfname+"\\"+time +"\\"+index.html />

here monfname and time are folders and index.html is the file i want to load  thru jsp forward.

I do not have to use Virtual paths.

I try the above code but it shows error missing terms, invalid label etc..

can ayone help me to sort out this..
regards Arunkumar
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<jsp:forward page="/Reports/"+monfname+"/"+time +"/index.html" />

And Reports will have to be inside your webapps folder
rarunkAuthor Commented:
In my case the reports will not be in my Webapps.
It might be anywhere in any drive like d:/ or e:/

in that case how to do this?

I don't think you can without setting up a virtual host thing...

page is a relative URL from the current page, not a fully qualified path to anywhere on your file system :-(
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do you have to do a forward?  Can you include the file by reading it in using API.

rarunkAuthor Commented:

Actually what i'm getting the value of the
monfname , time  in the jsp page and after getting those i'm creating a path

like ..E:\Reports\monfname\time\index.html ..

The pgae i want to display is like

 E:\Reports\20032012\121314\index.html ...

As i have the value for monfname and should be exactly as above..
Now i want  to show the above html page...
How to do it? I think i have to do it thru <Jsp:forward>
If i can show it in any other way...
Your supports are welcome...
regards Arun.

Do it like cheekycj suggested...

Use a FileReader to read the file, and write it to the out stream
rarunkAuthor Commented:

No i don't want to use  filereader.
The issue is because of the root path.

So can any one suggest how to change the document root path .
Is it possible?                  
 and get the points for this question.


it's in server.xml if you are using tomcat...

I wouldn't recommend this though...  it will mean that your entire drive is visible via the web...

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What TimYates suggested is correct, I thought you wanted something programmatically but I do not believe that is possible.

rarunkAuthor Commented:

Hi CJ & TimYates..

Thanks for your Suggesstion. I want to share the Points to both of you.
But the application accept only one as a Accept Answer.
Anyway Thanks to both of you for your kind support.

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