regular expression for date


              Could anyone  provide me a regular expression for  date in MMDDYYYY format?....

thank you
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Can you explain please?
sunny1510Author Commented:
I am validating a date entered in a text box.....The user is only allowed to enter the date in mmddyyyy format......i know checking the format is easy with regex .......but i want the regular expression to check if it is a valid date.....
Well if in your Glabal Region Settings if your Setting is set to mmddyyyy then just use IsDate()
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sunny1510Author Commented:
Thanks for the response  Milka..The date is being validated when the textbox loses focus.....for certain date fields i also allow default value of 00000000 or a blank field. In that case this isdate() will give me an error. That is y i thought i will use regex.

If txtDAte.text = "" or txtDAte.text  = "00000000"  then
    if not isdate(txtdate.text) then Msgbox "Wrong Date"
end if

rahter than requiring the user to enter the date as a sequence of digits (by the way, since the entry IS a sequence of digits, a regex will not help, since any digit is valid, but you want to be sure that they are no just digits, but also make up a valid date, and that is NOT what regex is used for), why do you not prenet the user with a Calendar control, and they you are CERTAIN they have picked a valid date?

Here is an example. I think you will find it helpful

 ' The following pattern checks whether the input string is a date in the
        ' format mm-dd-yy or mm-dd-yyyy. Key pattern elements used are:
        '   \d{1,2}     Month and day numbers can have 1 or 2 digits. The use of
        '               (\d{4}|\d{2}) means the year can have 2 or 4 digits.
        '   (/|-)       Either the slash or the dash are valid date separators.
        '   \1          The separator used for the day and year must be the same
        '               as the separator used for month and day. The 1 refers to the
        '               first numbered group, defined by parentheses, e.g, (/|-).
        ' You could improve on this pattern by ensuring that digits do not start with
        ' a zero and that they are in a valid numerical range.
        If Not Regex.IsMatch(txtDate.Text, _
            "^\s*\d{1,2}(/|-)\d{1,2}\1(\d{4}|\d{2})\s*$") Then

            txtDate.ForeColor = Color.Red
            IsValid = False
            txtDate.ForeColor = Color.Black
        End If
sunny1510Author Commented:
I have a number of text boxes in my app.....what if there is  a situation where one of these will accepts a value of "" and the other other textbox  needs a valid date .... In that case if the user enters a "" and exits... the isdate() fuction will accept it.
sunny1510Author Commented:
Hi all,

       Here i found a link where they have used regular expression for validating dates of mm/ddy/yyyy format.I am trying to use this regex since this appliction is a data entry program and i would prefer the user keying it in a text box.....Also I cannot write one function which will handle all the date validations since every date-text box has a  different default value......

please let me know if there is any other way of doing this...... thanks
why dont you use a masked Edit control

you can set your MASK?
i'll recommend what i've always recommended for regex.
great for building & testing

it includes a predefined regex for data.
however it'll NOT check for proper 'date value' given the month number.
so you could enter 4/31/2001 and it'll accept it.
So what you'd need to do is call
dim yourdatestring as string="4/31/2001"
if isDate(yourDateString)=false then & " is not a valid date")
  'all is OK
end if

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