will layer 3 switch block arp requests

We share a router with another organization for Internet access.  Their router has started responding to arp requests for our server's IP address which is causing massive problems.  We've been unable to get their vendor to resolve the issue with the router after several days.  
I'm wondering if we put in a Layer 3 switch, would that block those ARP broadcasts from reaching their router.  I'm guessing that it would, but I don't have any first hand experience with using or configuring a layer 3 switch.

Opinions and advice welcome.

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Yes, it would help.
What they need to do is disable proxy arp on the interface facing you..

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depending on the layer3 switch you use you can block just about anything. The bigger problem is the access list only really work on the inbound side.  This really depends on the network architecture I would personally put a firewall between them and your organization.  If the internet connectivity comes directly into the router managed by them then they will need to fix the arp requests.. this should really only be happening if they have a mis-configuration in the router... though.
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