To export an Orders report to Excel, I use:
DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputReport, "report_ORDERS", acFormatXLS, "C:\ORDERS.xls".

When I open the Excel file I get the error message: "REPAIRS TO ORDERS.XLS"

In the error log, it logged "Renamed invalid sheet name"

What should the sheet name be, or is there an extra formatting routine required?

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jadedataMS Access Systems CreatorCommented:
In a default built book this should be "Sheet1", "Sheet2" and "Sheet3"

The fact that you are outputting a report format to a spreadsheet might be part of the problem.
Normally you would output a table or query.
jjjtuohyAuthor Commented:
That's a clean result Jack; I output the underlying query and used acOutputQuery. I'll use that in future.

The technical puzzle still stands though:
(1) The Output-Object-Type list does include acOutputReport.
(2) The original report data did correctly export to Excel. Excel only moaned about having to rename an invalid sheet name to "Recovered-Sheet 1".
jadedataMS Access Systems CreatorCommented:
Just because you CAN do a thing, doesn't mean you SHOULD do a thing....

To keep your excel output looking pretty, investigate the use of CopyFromRecordset.  I have found this method to be the BEST way to build new, or fill templated XLS worksheets from a pre-built query.  It is used against an Excel Object, which exposes all the properties and methods of Excel during the operation for things like adding a summary total row across the top of a worksheet, a custom column header row, using the autofilters and autofit methods to really "spank" the book into the shape I want to see it in.

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jjjtuohyAuthor Commented:
That was a Eureka moment! I didn't think of extracting from the outside. I'm assuming that a DAO database cannot be accessed externally without password.
On a side note I'm puting up 300 on a separate question "Suppress Conflict Viewer" and hope that you can help.
jadedataMS Access Systems CreatorCommented:
thanx for the question!
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