<SELECT> with no default selection


I would like to populate a SELECT tag with options, but have no option selected until the user explicitly chooses one. The default behavior is that the first option is displayed in the select box, but I would like the selection to be blank until the user selects from the dropdown menu, as a visual que that he must do so. How can I do this?

Thanks very much,

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<BODY onload="document.nameOfYourForm.nameOfYourSelect.selectedIndex=-1;" >

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if you post the code for your form page I will modify it accordingly.
Can you not just include an empty option element as the first choice?
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... but in general, if you set the selectedIndex property of the SELECT to -1, it will display a blank default value.
Didn't know that... Is that fully cross-browser?

in IE and Netscape, yes ... including earlier versions.
Just did some tests - seems to work quite well :-)
RichardFoxAuthor Commented:
bullseye! thanks kEk
RichardFoxAuthor Commented:
Just a short note, I needed to do this with a couple of selects, so I used

<script language="javascript">

      window.onload = init;

      function init()
            document.office2dealForm.typeSelect.selectedIndex   = -1;
            document.office2dealForm.resultSelect.selectedIndex = -1;
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