Sending/Receiving External Email (Relay) through Exchange 2003

Posted on 2003-11-12
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Last Modified: 2012-05-04
Current setup:  Windows Server 2000 with Exchange 2003 Server Enterprise Edition (in the process of upgrading to Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition).  One subnet (192.168.0.x) of one local domain (bainet.local).  Only one Exchange server in the single domain.  The computer is shutdown every night to facilitate rebuilding a RAID array for backup. As a result we have an external email account which handles our email.

Employees connect to their external accounts using either Outlook 2000 or 2002 (planning on upgrading all to 2003).  Email is downloaded from boughtonarchitects.com and stored in their personal mailboxes on the server.  Everything worked fine when sending and receiving email (both external to the company through the internet email account) and when sending internal email with Exchange 5.5 but this is not the case now.

I'm not sure I understand SMTP connectors and virtual servers well enough to setup the appropriate relays.  Some external email seems to come in and go out for some clients but not for others.  When sending email out it comes back as a NDR since external SMTP clients cannot validate our internal domain (bainet.local).   How do I set this up?

Kristopher Boughton
Boughton Architects, Inc.
Question by:kjboughton

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ID: 9732990
Addition for clarification: external email is downloaded from a POP3 account provided by an ISP.  Need correct settings so that external email is sent and received through the POP3 account (boughtonarchitects.com) and all internal email is relayed to mailboxes in the domain (bainet.local).  Thanks.
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The reason is that ur bainet.local is assigned as primary smtp address
to ur users.When u send mail out to internet exchange will use primary smtp address that u ahve assigned to each individual user(u can change primary smtp for each individual user).So to prevent that
create another policy called @Boughtonartichect.com and apply it to all ur users as primary.
Now i dont understand wht u mean some mail come in and go for some clients.Dont u use pop3 connectors?
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ID: 9737009
Kj i just saw u made another post without even answering this one so i figure u did not like my name.So i will respect ur wishes and will not post there.Good luck.
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No, Vahik....please continue.  I posted the other question because after reviewing my original post I realized that it was not worded very well.

My next question has to be then: How do I change the primary email address without affecting internal email routing?  When I change the default SMTP email address to the "boughtonarchitects.com" domain I then have a problem routing internal email in "bainet.local" via Exchange 2003 Server.
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U do not change anything.U add another recipient policy for ur
pop domain and addit to all ur users.When u are done u will see to
smtp addresses assigned to eaxh user.The one in bold letters are the primary one and that usually is the default one.Just click on the non
primary address and (which should correspond to ur pop account) and make it primary.Now there is a trick here that u have to remeber.
If for any reason ur internal users would like to comunicate with eachother under pop acounts then mail will not leave ur exchange.
For example A user name joe@localdomain.com would like to send email to mary@popdomain.com mail will not leave.Inorder for this also to work u have to go to ur recipient policy under pop account and uncheck this exchange server is responsible for mail delivery for this address.Now for ur internal emails anytime u send mail to each other names will be checked against ur GAL and pop doamin will not affect it.U can never send mail out under ur local domain if it is not registerd.
Inorder to recieve email all u do is to use ur default smtp server.
Just go to ur firewall and forward port 25 to the internal ip address of ur smtp server(u set it up in ur smtp properties page).Default smtp server works fine and does not need additonal setup(it even prevents relaying).
Now the big problem that u have is that mail for internet domain is being held by ur isp so ur smtp server will not recieve anything and only will be used for sending emails.That is a tricky setup and maybe i am reading it wrong.I am sure u guys are using pop connectors to download ur emails and if u need more help call back.

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I think this should be able to solve my problem to, but i am using a server which has SBS 2003 and exchange 6.5 installed on it.

I can't seem to find some of the menus.

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ID: 11318380
I am using a SBS 2003 that is not sending emails to the internet.
We have looked high and low, even reinstalled the system a couple of times, we are still not able to send out emails.
We have a Linksys DI-624 with all the Virtual Server ports configuresd to face the Server's IP, the Router's internal IP is
We are able to connect to the internet and receive emails just fine.
Please help us, we've been at it for 3 days/12 hours a day now.
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ID: 11319191
clodur what is ur problem now.i will be here for a while so do call back to see if i can help u.

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These posts have been a great help to me as I have been struggling myself with the SBS 2003 POP3 connector.

I have found that the only way I can get it to work is if I set my primary address to


I can receove and send emails fine using this setting, however the reply address is of course wrong.

I have tried adding my pop3 subdomain


to the default policy, I tried making it the primary in there
I tried having it ticked and unticked
I tried adding @nildram.co.uk in there.
I tried creating a new mailbox policy and adding the same addresses to it.

Nothing works unless I have the primary address set to the @domain.local address.

It seems very much like it is something to do with the recipient policies but I cannot trak it down any further ??

any help would be greatly appreciated.

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ID: 11335627
The main points are to get the domain name into Recipient policy and make sure it is checked in the tick box, set it as the Primary.

In the User menu go to "E Mail Addresses" Tab and highlight the external domain and Set it as Primary, you must also uncheck the box for "Automatically update E mail addresses based on recipient policy" otherwise your users will be advertising a return address something like "fred@domain.local". You need to do that for every user.

Last restart the the IIS, easiest way is to use the "RUN" option on the START menu and type "iisreset"

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ID: 11336009
wow I don't know what part of what you said fixed it

but I removed all the extra receipient group I had created
and all the email addresses I had added to the users

then I added the external domain to the default recipient policy
I ticked it
I made it primary
when I applied I said yes to apply the changes to mailboxes

Then I opened the user ( where th e pop3 email is being delivered ) and unticked the option to automatically update email addresses based on recipient policy and restarted IIS and it works a treat ;)

thankyou very much I was pulling my hair out with this one ;)

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ID: 11858756
i do service work for a company useing sbs 2003 that we had setup. we have some 25 users and all seem to recieve and send email just fine. my question is. we just recently added a new user to the company and there email was setup just like all the other users but the new user cannot recieve external email that is redirected from the server. origanl email account from isp provider goes through but the company external email does not. original emal is from pop3 which is @htctech.net and the exchange uses @illinienv.com. basically when i send email to name@htctech.net they recieve it but if i send name@illinienv.com it states no such user found. any help would be greatly appreciated.

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ID: 11858771
i guess one thing i could try is to send an email from users machine and check the reply that should indecate a good email address.

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ID: 12033848
Mail is not reaching recipients in some remote domains such as msn.com and hotmail.com.

This is what Event Viewer says:

Type:     Warning
EventID: 4006
Message deliver to the host '' failed while delivering to the remote domain 'msn.com' for the following reason: The connection was dropped by the remote host.

What could be causing this?

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ID: 12834206
I have the same issue as hszuberi- I cannot send to hotmail.com or msn.com  accounts I have email msn they state they are not blocking us.  does anyone have any ideas

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ID: 12949567
Most likely, your servers name doesn't resolve to an IP or to the IP that is being used.
That is... If you server sends as "server.company.local" it may never resolve to a real IP in the real world and might be the reason it gets denied.

For EXCH2K3: Check in the "SERVERNAME", "Protocols", "SMTP", "Default SMTP Virtual Server" properties, "Delivery" page, "Advanced" = "Advanced Delivery Page" for the FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) of the server.

Ensure that it is using a realworld resolvable name like "server.company.com"


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ID: 13368398
can i set up more than one smtp ?  how do i choose an smtp other than the primary when sending a new email or replying to an email.

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ID: 13416954
Where & how do you add in the recipient policy?  Thanks!

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ID: 13758594
I have been experiencing a similar problem to the original post. My exchange server is set up solely for the use of internal e-mail addresses and shared calendars etc. In the same outlook profile, i have a seperate POP3 account set up  as i dont want the hassle of having our own mail server. The exchange server kept reporting that messages could not be sent. But here's the twist. They actually are being sent just that for some reason exchange sends a completely false message claming they haven't. Any idea why this may be happening? If i find the answer to this, i'll certainly post it here.  

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ID: 14972560
kjboughton, how could you receive emails from the external pop3 server through the Exchange Server? Do you use a pop3 connector?
Is there any way to do it using only Exchange 2003?

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