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Need to get a "Days Old" working!

Hello Experts!

I'm using a datagrid to show information.  It's data comes from a few sql tables.  One table contains JRNL.DATE.  It shows its type as 'smalldatetime'.  It's formatted like this:  YYYY-MM-DD  TT:TT:TT

I need some help calculating how old each record is based on today's date.  

Do I need to go this route:

or is there something easier?
This will be used in an asp.net page.
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1 Solution
Why not use the datediff function

Example as given in MSDN

Dim TheDate As Date   ' Declare variables.
Dim Msg
TheDate = InputBox("Enter a date")
Msg = "Days from today: " & DateDiff("d", Now, TheDate)
MsgBox Msg

Jut substitute your stored date for 'TheDate' and you have your value.
jay-areAuthor Commented:

So it should look something like this?

DateDiff("d", Now, [Jrnl.Date])?

I'm a noob to VB so you'll have to excuse my ignorance.
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Hi Jay

Yes you're on the right lines, if you are extracting the date from a recordset value you may also need to enter the recordset name e.g.

MyValue = DateDiff("d", Now, Recordsetname![Jrnl.Date])

This should return the difference in days between the two dates.
Use the sys clock to get the time when (installed i guess) and keep it in an ini file or something, then get the program to refer to it and the sysclock to see how many days there are, put this in teh app in something like

lblDaysGone = lalalalalala
jay-areAuthor Commented:

I'm trying to use this in a datagrid.  I just need to display the days between each records date and today.  It actually needs to be done for every  control number in the dataset.  I've included my code here.  It gives me the error:
Description: An error occurred during the compilation of a resource required to service this request. Please review the following specific error details and modify your source code appropriately.

Compiler Error Message: BC30203: Identifier expected.

Source Error:


Line 283:
Line 284:                   DataGrid1.Databind()
Line 285:                   Date1 = DateDiff("d", Now, objDataSet[Jrnl.Date])
Line 286:          End Sub
Line 287:

Source File: c:\inetpub\wwwroot\aspx\new\omg2.aspx    Line: 285

Can you help me get this working right with my code here?

Sub BindGrid()
                   Dim objRelation As DataRelation
                   Dim objDataSet As DataSet = New DataSet
                   Dim myConnection As New SqlConnection(ConnectionString)
                   Dim Adapter As SqlDataAdapter = New SqlDataAdapter
                   Dim Date1 As string

                   Adapter.SelectCommand = _
                       New SqlCommand(SelectCommand1, myConnection)

                      Adapter.SelectCommand = _
                       New SqlCommand(SelectCommand2, myConnection)

                   DataGrid1.DataSource = objDataSet.Tables("Accounting")

                   Date1 = DateDiff("d", Now, objDataSet[Jrnl.Date])
          End Sub


Should there not be an exclamation mark in there after objDataSet ? i.e

Date1 = DateDiff("d", Now, objDataSet![Jrnl.Date])
jay-areAuthor Commented:
I tried having the '!' after the objDataSet but it gives me this error:
 BC30277: Type character '!' does not match declared data type 'System.Data.DataSet'.
Sorry jay I am confident enough about datediff handling the calculation but I am a bit shaky with datasets. You will need to work out how to extract the date information then use it in the datediff function.
jay-areAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help Tom.  I'll post this up in the asp section and see what I get.

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