Record MP3 to tape cassette

I have some MP3 on my computers.
Can i record them into a tape cassete ?
What do i need for that ? microphone ? any other gadget ?
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I don't think MP3's will play on tape.
I suggest you play the .mp3's on your computer and hook up the tape recorder to the "line out" or headphone connector on your soundcard. A suitable cable should be available at an electronics store.

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☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
If you want to record them as stereo tape recordings you'll need a 3.5mm stereo plug to connect to your sound card speaker socket and at the other end whatever microphine nput your recorder needs (probably the same - check out the manual or try the spaeker plug you already have on your pc to see if it fits!).  
From RadioShack/Tandy about $6
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☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
whoa sorry, RID's right - use the Line Out (the one between mic & speakers)
 ... keep getting that one wrong ...!
To clarify, connect the LINE OUT of your computer to the LINE IN of your tape recorder (do NOT connect to the microphone input or you will have an impedance mismatch).  Microphone inputs are designed for connecting to microphones, not line-level signals.
connect to your tape recorder(mic-in) with a cable (both plug) to line-out of ur sound card
play and then rec in the tape-recorder
as simple as it gets.
coputers line out conect to the tape recorder aux input. you will need a mone to stereo adapter on the computer end and the double (white-red) cinch cable that you will conect to both sides - in the tape recorder aux input and in the mono to stereo conector that you will plug into the line out on your computer.

start your mp3 playing application: winamp, windows media player, etc.. and press RECORD on the tape recorder after inserting the tape. be sure to switch to AUX input on your musical line.
after it is done you will have a playable audio tape.

hope this was helpful.
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rid got it right
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