Filter Error?

     Tbl_System.DB_Recs.Filter = "SysID=6"

     "Item cannot be found in the collection corresponding to the requested name or ordinal."

I have no idea what is wrong! Help!

   - Marc

Here is the SQL:
     SELECT SysID, SysData FROM Tbl_System
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MarcGraffAuthor Commented:
Tbl_System.DB_Recs is a recordset.

   - Marc
Needs to be something like this

Tbl_System.DB_Recs.Filter = "SysID = " & 6
MarcGraffAuthor Commented:
No diffrence. :(

   - Marc
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Try this: -
Tbl_System.DB_Recs.Filter = "SysID = 6"

Should work!

Oops.. did not realize that you were using the same exact code. Sorry!

I suppose you are using VB6.
How have you declared the Tbl_System.DB_Recs as recordset?

Doing this
Dim Tbl_System.DB_Recs  as ADODB.Recordset
is likely to yield an error.

Dim TblSystem as ADODB.Recordset instead.

Hopefully the filter property of the recordset should work.

MarcGraffAuthor Commented:
Yeah, DB_Recs is in a class modual.

This class modual is defined as Tbl_System. Unfortunetly this class modual works elsewhere...

For example: Tbl_Exeptions.DB_Recs.Filter = "ID=2"                    'works fine

The problem must be elsewhere... I just can't find it.

   - Marc
Please read this :-
Might be of help.

Éric MoreauSenior .Net ConsultantCommented:
>>Tbl_System.DB_Recs is a recordset.

Is is a ADO recordset ?
to make sure that recordset is using the same SQL as you are thinking, add this line and post the result printed in debug window here

debug. print Tbl_System.DB_Recs.Source
Tbl_System.DB_Recs.Filter = "SysID=6"

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Marc are you still having a problem. I believed that the error message was because you included the  = 6 bit within quotation marks i.e. "SysID=6" was not recognised but "SysID" should be.

If my original suggestion did not work i.e. Tbl_System.DB_Recs.Filter = "SysID = " & 6
 then try

Dim X as long
Tbl_System.DB_Recs.Filter = "SysID = " & X

Should'nt make any real difference but be especially careful about the positioning of the quotation marks and leave a space between the = sign and the last quotation mark.

MarcGraffAuthor Commented:
Hey! appari, your right!

I initialized it as:
SELECT SysID, SysData FROM Tbl_System

By using debug I found that the select statement has been changed! So I went back and found that I accidentally reinitialized it to another select statement. I have corrected the problem and it works great! Thanks so much!

   - Marc
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