Cannot user object linking and embedding problem in Excel 2000

I am getting an error while opening an Excel (2000) file "Cannot use object linking and embedding" followed by "An error occurred initializing the VBA libraries".  After that Excel quits.  
I have seen an accepted answer to this question (don't know who accepted it) but the answer has nothing to do with the problem and does not say at all how to eliminate it.
Help would be much appreciated.
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try this out, sounds wierd, but no harm in trying

reboot the machine into safe mode
and then again reboot into normal mode.. see if that works.

ur problem however is very similar to when ur machine is infected by MS blaster work. if you have that make sure you clean it first, otherwise try my earlier suggestion.

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This is Blaster......but you may not find the fix anyway...I have been through this...and this is how we fixed it....

run the blaster....if it doensnt find it...then your still ok....

1. go to this directory and delete any VBA crud.....C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\

2. Reboot in Safe mode and launch Excel....then reboot normally.......

dont ask me why but I found this fix a while ago and it worked fabuloulsy

dawne :)
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Create a reliable backup. Make sure you always have dependable copies of your data so you can restore your entire system or individual files.

OOps just realized that Adonis just said what I said.....thats what I get for not paying attention....sorry :(


dawne :)
I am having a similar problem when i try to open an excel file.  I am receving the message: "An error occurred initializing the VBA libraries (265)" and then Excel stays open though.  If i open the Visual Basic Editor from inside Excel and then try to open the file i receive a "Device I/O" error message.  did you ever get your problem fixed and is there something similar i could try? thanks.
this is the start of a virus trying to get in through the what I said and see what happens. make sure you look in your Excel directory under prog files...

I tried the blaster scan but it didnt pick anything up.  I was amazed to see that the rebooting in safe mode, starting up excel, then closing Excel & restarting in Normal mode worked a treat.

Strange!  But thanks for the fix
Great Saoliver...make sure you accept my answer as the fix so they can close the question :)

pcbrat -

who gave that answer first? anyways this question was not from saoliver but from Zeemark.. if the problem is solved, i should be getting the points not you..
Sorry about that your right.... wasnt paying attention to the upper notes.....I was scrolled to the bottom.....

obviously It was a could have responded nicely though and less like an ass...

You can have all the points in the world...besides I am not on this site for the points but to help people.....I can tell why your here....

I am just happy the guy is working

ohooo - someone is angry.. c'mon Dawne.. u know i love you.. i'm not rude usually.. just having a very very rough day here..u know what i mean.. i'm extremely sorry for earlier post..
apology accepted.....this time.....(teehee) just dont let it happen again or I will have to spank u!
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