CDO Error message

Hello I am getting an error message

error '8004020e'
/index.asp, line 397

Line 397 is the Send method in the following code
Dim iMsg
Dim iConf
Dim Flds
Dim strHTML
set iMsg = CreateObject("CDO.Message")
set iConf = CreateObject("CDO.Configuration")
Set Flds = iConf.Fields
With Flds
 .Item("") = 2
 .Item("") = ""
 .Item("") = 40
End With
With iMsg
 Set .Configuration = iConf
      .From              = emailFrom
      .To              = emailTo
      .Subject             = emailSubject
      .HTMLBody       = "Email Text"
      .TextBody             = .HTMLBody
      .Send                                                      'error here
End With
Set iMsg = Nothing
Set iConf = Nothing
Set Flds = Nothing

 The error is most likely caused by somthing not being setup up or configured correctly. The same code works on another website on the same server. I can not find any differences between the sites except that Exchange is somehow set up on the other one. I should explain that the previous example used to have a conflict with Exchange, that required me to reinstall it, something that I would like to avoid this time.
Thanks for your help
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Is this a valid and properly configured smtp server?

funkyfingerAuthor Commented:
Yes, it works fine on another website on the same server.
Under "Internet services manager" I have 2 sites listed the old and the new one. SMTP is not listed here, I'm not sure if it should be, if I expand the old site one subheading is called "Exchange", I don't know if that information helps you or not.
This guy had the same problem:

Maybe one of the solutions suggested here will work for you.
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funkyfingerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help guys, I've decided to give up on the problem and go with CDONTS,
btw That doesn't work on the web site with exchange.
I would recommend looking into the free and excellent ASPeMail from .

It works well with remote smtp services and is easy to work with.

It is an irregular request given the options that were listed above. If funkyfinger truly believes that s/he received no help here whatsoever, then I suppose that it is alright to process the refund.

PAQed, with points refunded (250)

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