Setup Help: Clients need to get mail from external POP3 accounts and exchange internal email.

Running Exchange 2003 on Sever 2000.  I want clients to get mail from an external POP3 domain ( to their mailboxes and also be able to end external email via SMTP.  All clients also need to be able to exchange email on an internal domain (bainet.local).  How do I set this up?  SMTP connectors?  Virtual servers?  This is so much different than Exchange 5.5 (just upgraded since we are planning on moving to Server 2003 Enterprise Edition).  Need help quick!  Our office is crippled!
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David WilhoitSenior Consultant, ExchangeCommented:
Well, it's kind of an odd setup. HEre's the problem: Exchange has a recipient policy, with the SMTP domain configured in it for addressing. One and only one address can be primary for your server recipients. Either the local, or the public domain is primary. The local address won't be recognized by the outside world, and the public address will route thru DNS, which means it will probably leave the server and come back in, because this Exchange server isn't responible for

Exchange 2000 and 2003 do not have a POP3 connector, though SBS 2000 and 2003 do have one. I'm wondering why, if this server is capable, that you don't point the public SMTP domain to your Exchange server? It would be pretty easy to accomplish.

kjboughtonAuthor Commented:
The internet connection to this server (behind a firewall) is Comcast Cable Pro with no dynamic IP address.  It's what Comcast calls persistent (doesn't change for about 6 months or so, but with no guarantee that it won't).  Comcast won't give a static IP anyway, their policy, even with the business account, is not servers.  That's not even the real deal though.  Every night the server goes down for about 2 hours to rebuild a set of RAID arrays (we swap out a set of drives every evening and take the other set to a secure location.  Data preservation is EXTERMELY important.)  I would like to continue to go with out current setup: external POP3 accounts and internal routing via Exchange server.  We also using the Public Folders to a large extent.  I would eventually like to have the POP3 accounts automatically poll the respective external account every minute or two and download and deliver/route the email to the personal mailboxes.  That was individual clients only need to configure their exchange profile and not the POP3 account too.  I need to make the integration seemless though.  It's too much for the employees to make sure that they select their internal address when sending mail in-office and then select to send with the return address of * when sending to an external receiver.  I just want the POP3 accounts to come in automatically and then when they push "New" and "Send" that it be routed to the correct play via SMTP....wether that be external to the internet or stay on the internal LAN and go directly to the other user's mailbox.....can this be done?  It seems like a product as complex and expensive as Exchange 2003 should be able to.  We are in the middle of upgrading the server to 2003 also....maybe this will give improved capabilities....I don't know.  Thanks.
David WilhoitSenior Consultant, ExchangeCommented:
Let me sleep on this one...still think we can get you something cleaner......

Creating Active Directory Users from a Text File

If your organization has a need to mass-create AD user accounts, watch this video to see how its done without the need for scripting or other unnecessary complexities.

kjboughtonAuthor Commented:
Just purchased Native POP3 Connector....

Looks awesome!  Its exactly what Exchange 2000/2003 should have had included in the first place.  Anyway....installing now.  I think the answer is listing BOTH the local (bainet.local) AND external ( address in the Recepient Policy with the EXTERNAL address as the primary.  This way if you type the external address in (* it will automatically resolve to the short name/alias and will never leave the LAN.  All others go out normally with the return address set correctly!  And they get routed!  Now to install the POP3 Connector!  I can't wait, looks like this is finally going to work!  Please, continue to give ideas for improvement....I will award points!
David WilhoitSenior Consultant, ExchangeCommented:
thanks for that link, cause I'm positive there are others out there in your situation.  Had I thought about it though, your solution is dead-on, make your server responsible for that domain, just install the POP3 to d/l messages from your hosted server.

I was curious though, if you're using public folders extensively, why not go ahead and make your mail server responsible for inbound mail too? I read your previous response, and I understand (kinda) why you'd want it somewhere else, but you're taking a risk with rebuilding your drive array every night anyway, so why not host your mail? But hey, it doesn't really matter, just a thought.

Do you have any other process for backign up your data besides swapping the drive array every night?


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I have a question that seems to run along the same lines. Here is the situation:
- We have a head office tha has an Exchange server with POP3 connector that downloads mail to local mailboxes. Mail to external addresses is sent using SMTP via a smart host server.
- However we also have a lot of smaller offices where most of the users only have dialup accounts and they download their mail directly from their POP3 account (using OLK or OE)

Here's the problem:
- Both the users at the headoffice and at the various local offices use the same domain for their e-mails i.e. one ISP hosts ALL the POP3 accounts that we have on one domain (this is what we want)
- BUT people (say at HQ using exchange cannot send mail to one of the branch offices (say that *don't* have Exchange and also don't have an Exchange mailbox at HQ. The reason for this is obvious: Exchange tries to route their e-mail to a local mailbox which doesn't exist rather than sending the mail to the POP3 mailbox at our ISP.

I'm certain that there must be a way to configure this (recipient policies??) but I'm too new to Exchange to know all the tricks.

Please help
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