DLL for WAVE to MP3

Anybody know a good dll to convert WAVE files to MP3?

Hopefully free or at least cheap, for windows.

Sorry about the points, ran out. But when I get more I will send them your way.

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RJSoftAuthor Commented:
Also will give A to answer.
Karl Heinz KremerCommented:

You need to download the binary distribution for Windows (that is assuming that you are using Windows - if not, just download the file for our platform)
RJSoftAuthor Commented:
Thanks again  khkremer.

I went to the site and it seems the author no longer supports the encoder. But... he does makes some suggestions and explains his position about use of lame.

However, after reading his article on why he quit supporting and his suggestion to use Ogg Vorbis as a replacement to mp3 I am now more confused than ever.

I wrote this question a while ago and since then have implemented lame into my application.

But now I am lost as to what is right or wrong as far as the use of lame. My understanding from another site is that as long as I mentioned the author of lame in my exe that I could use it. Now I have serious doubts. Also the author of the post you sent me suggest to use the Ogg Vorbis but I am wondering if this is too far out of main stream as mp3 is popular.

Any info apreciated.

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Karl Heinz KremerCommented:
Ogg vs. MP3 is a philosophical question: MP3 is a proprietary format, and the owner of the patents is charging for players and encoders. Ogg Vorbis is free.

Regarding the licensing of Lame: The page at http://lame.sourceforge.net/license.txt states that the project is released under the LPGL. As long as you only link against the DLL you are fine. You should reference the author in your software and the documentation.
RJSoftAuthor Commented:
Ok thanks. I read that link before and that was what I was going by.

But here is my confusion.

Lame is not an encoder (Lame aint mp3 encoder)

Ok, what is Lame?

Lame can create mp3 files. So it must be doing some kind of encoding?

Thanks in advance
Karl Heinz KremerCommented:
Lame was not an encoder when the project started, it's now - read the first paragraph on this page: http://lame.sourceforge.net/about.html

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RJSoftAuthor Commented:
Ok. Guess I gotta skip lame. Here comes Ogg Vorbis

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