copy partitions on same drive

I have 1 harddrive with 2 partitions, one is only 2400 mb, which is the C drive and it is full. My other partition is E drive with 10.5 gig. What I want to do is copy all of C drive files to the E drive because it the one with all the disk space. Also this drive is NTFS. Can you give me some idea how to do this.
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  You can uninstall you programs from C and install them on E. Many programs (non-Microsoft) will allow you to do this.  Also put your data in E drive.

You can also put your IE Temporary Interent Files in E. You can your also can put your virtual memory files in E.
You can do this

Move or Rename the Documents and Settings Folder (236621);en-us;236621
Move the program files folder
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Or you could expand the C partiton to make it bigger and make the other partition smalller

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Best Utility for this job would be something call Ghost by Symantic.

It will copy partition to partition...
and Is an exact copy...
and is fairly cheap...
and takes less than 5 mins to copy...

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you can try up ' partition magic ', i have try it bfore, quite stable...

War1 have give the most easy why for u to move over u thing.
If u used ghost to move u data, U might lost all the info at e drive.

When learn to clean up your "engRish" maybe will would be more willing to take your advice...

Ghost is easier to use than partition magic. I use it on a daily basis... For further know how. Reply with an inquiery...
Yeah but what we don't know is if there is anythng on the E drive if there is ghosting partition to partion will destroy what is on the the E drive
>>>Can I copy C into E and use the space that is there. I copied fil


>>>Can I format my 13.5 gb harddrive and have one partition on it and then transfer my 4 partitons into the 1 partition on the 13.5 gbharddrive. Hope you can help me out.

Only if that files you have on the 40GB isn't more that 13GB in total size  
I am confuse what are you booting from  
>>>I copied files from my 13.5 gb. to a 40gb harddrive and it made 4 partitions on my 40 gb harddrive

How did copying files make 4 partitions?  

Since you are using NTFS then boot to your OS open the Disk Manager Start > Run diskmgmt.msc
Right Click on the 13GB drive and then right click on the second partition select Delete Partition
Then do the same with the other partition
Then right click again and select create partition
Then right click and then select format.  
As SerCouWisMOD "Administrative Comment" stated - I posted the following reply on 11/13/03 10:25 PST to your duplicated question.  Thanks SerCouWisMOD.  You can remove your administrative post.

You should restate your objective and provide a little more information.  Here is what I have based on your information:

Drive C: and E: are on the same physical hard drive.  I guess D: is your other hard drive.

What is installed on E:?  If you have software installed than moving data to another drive you need to make sure that it is mapped to E: in case your software expect the components to be on E:.  Also, if you copy files around you would loose any NTFS security settings that you have set.

Based on your informtion, you can do this:

1.  Partition your big drive into two or more partition.  
2.  If you have drive imaging software create an image of current drive E: or make a full backup of the drive with NTFS security also.  If no software installed on E: and you are not concerned with NTFS security you can copy your current E: drive onto the second partition on the big hard drive.
3.  Use PowerQuest partition magic to remove the current drive E: partition and expand the drive C:.
4.  Reboot and you will have:

Physical drive 1:  Drive C: 13.5GB
Physical drive 2:  Partition 1 is drive D:, partition 2 is drive E: (as previous).... etc....

Hi, most of the answers above are a little overkill for your problem. Simply use Ghost 2002 or Ghost 2003 and you can copy a partition to partition. It works very good. Good luck.
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