There is a class called clsSunrise downloadable from that contains the computations for sunrise, sunset, etc. I have been unable to write the code to access and use this class, can someone write a small aplication showing how to use this class and the functions contained in it?
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here's some sample code

Dim Sun As New clsSunrise

Sun.City = "Hong Kong, China"
Sun.DateDay = #11/14/2004#

Debug.Print Sun.Sunrise
Debug.Print Sun.SolarNoon
Debug.Print Sun.Sunset

Set Sun = Nothing


the list of cities are located in the class itself..
you can add more cities in the InitCities method using the AddCity method provided
you know the Latitude, Longitute, and time zone of the city you're adding..

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'Using a pre-defined city. Optionally you can individually set Latitude, Longitude, TimeZone , DaySavings, and DateDay
'Initiates as todays date but you can specify date with Property DateDay.
Option Explicit

Dim cSunrise As New clsSunrise

Private Sub Form_Load()
   With cSunrise
      .City = "Boston, MA"
      Debug.Print .Sunrise, .Sunset
   End With
End Sub
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