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I am writing a program that will interact with a database using an internet browser. The client will sit at the browser and enter information into that database using forms. I will update the database using ASP or PHP and SQL to do the grunt work. What I would like to know is the best approach to handling the programming for the client side of things. I am looking for something that is alittle more robust then straight HTML or even HTML with javascript or vbscript. I have created similar programs to this in the past using Visual Basic and would really like the ease of dragging and dropping form components then programming their actions. Is this something I can do? Or am I stuck with HTML, VBScript, and alot of extra work? Any comments on making this situation easier for me are appreciated.

Sorry about the low points, but 35 is all I have.
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i learnt php from a book and within a month i was able to do most things i needed to within a database.. in fact within a week i was able to do what i needed for my first php/mysql driven website. i hadn't done any programming before php, just straight html. you only use text editors (syntax highlighting is useful) but as i said, it's easy to get to grips with. to be honest, either asp or php looks to fulfil your needs - but php and mysql's free! if you want my advice, get a book on php/mysql interaction that will take you through from the start, read tutorials on the web, and definitely take a look at the php manual as it's excellent. simple go to<the function name you want to know more about/ and it will bring up information about it

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Well, once it gets to the end user, it's all just HTML with perhaps JavaScript to provide clientside activity.

Sounds like you might like working with Dreamweaver and/or Flash.

When used correctly by someone with knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, Dreamweaver can be a very powerful tool for building site interfaces and integrating both serverside and clientside programming with them as well as Flash and other multimedia.

I'm not a big fan of Flash myself (mostly because so much of what's done with it is useless/annoying/wasteful), although I respect its capabilities.
If you are wanting to drag and drop files, set up an FTP server with user access they can obtain after going through a form of information that gives them a limited time.

There are a number of ways to make PHP, CSS, Javascript and MySQL do just about anything you can think of - its just finetuneing the process and not limiting your thought processes to simple code restrictions. Because what is restricted in one may be easily done in the other and vice versa. The combination above seems to complement each other in an highly effective manner.

If you can add a little more detail to what exactly you want to be able to 'drag and drop' and what type of info you want to get... you might be able to get a few more helpful tips and tricks to make it worth while.

browngbAuthor Commented:
By drag and drop, I ment the ease in which Visual Basic allows you to drag form components onto the sheet and just code them to what you want them to do. I did some other research and came up with the scheme I am going to use. Visual Studio 2002+ allows you to program for "web applications" as they call them. I can make a program pretty much the same as I would a windows application, but it will allow it to be ran from a server, with the forms remaining the same. As best as I can tell, it generates the forms in HTML, but it has a backup file on the server to tell it what to do with the form components. If someone knows more about how all this works, please speak up and explain it to me.
Oh you wanted a type of WYSISWYG (What you see is what you get) form creation page... Not actually have an application that runs on the web to drop things on. For that you have:
are two of the best as far as what they produce. Then others are:
Frontpage and you can look under Web Dev software for others.

That should help you then.


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