CD-ROM Drive does not "refresh" after new disk is inserted

I have a set of CD's which is a spanned rar archive.  When they were burned the DISKS were apparently were all given the same numeric name (030520_2015).  When I place the first volume in the drive it reads is fine as containing the file archive01.rar.  When I insert the second disk it does not recognize it as a new disk it still shows archive01.rar as the contents of disk2 and any other disk from this set I insert. (Refresh or F5 do not cause it to refresh) This does not happen when the disks have different disk names.

I have found that by inserting a completely different disk ejecting it and then inserting disk 2 the contents display correctly as archive02.rar

I have also discovered that by ejecting the disk closing the drive and then ejecting the empty drive and then inserting disk2 also will cause it to correctly read the disk.  BUT... only if i use eject from the explorer menu. Pressing the eject button on the dive itself and doing the above results in it still incorrectly reading the disk contents.

And this is occurring on both my cd-rw drive and the DVD drive on my windows XP computer with all current service packs and critical updates applied. I can duplicate this on two other XP computer I have as well, but not on a windows 2k advanced server.

What is going on here?  It there some sort of XP windows explorer caching happening?  
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I don't think that you have anything wrong.  If you still have the window open for your disk drive and you remove your disk and insert another disk nothing will happen.  You need to either go back to my computer and then back in or push F5.  F5 is the refresh command in windows.  You can actually use F5 for many things.  
cxbriggsAuthor Commented:
As I mentioned, F5 does not work.
Is Auto Insert Notification turned on for that drive?

The duplicate volume labels are a problem.

You could swap another CD in between you rar archives...
also play with


1 for Automatic update (the default), 2 for Manual or 0 for no update

Maybe you should copy them with sequential volume labels?
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cxbriggsAuthor Commented:
Auto Insert Notification was on and set to take no action for all data types
HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Update was set to 1 (default)

I was hoping to avoid the whole disk swapping issue, and It would take me just as long to copy the disks to disks with sequential or different names because of the not refreshing issue.
yup - you could play with HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Update values for this one-off problem but i think the duplicate volume name is just a bummer... I take these are CDR's, not RW's

I'm tapped out on this one
does the error occur when you try to open the rar archive directly? try to copy the files to disk one after the other. if the disc contents are refreshed correctly then winrar (or whatever software you're using) is blocking the windows explorer. and i think there's nothing you can do against that.
cxbriggsAuthor Commented:
It happens in explorer and any other application i use to open these disks.
does it only happen when you use CD-R' s or CD-RW's.  May be you did not close the disk when you made them.  That is why ever time you take it out close explorer and put it back in it shows up.
cxbriggsAuthor Commented:
The set of disks are CD-R's.
Closing and reopening explorer does not resolve the issue
but did you make sure that you closed the cd's when you made the cds?
Buckeye's referring to closing the session, not the cd drawer, aka finalizing the cd
cxbriggsAuthor Commented:
Yes the disks were closed.  I can duplicate the issue with both closed and not closed cd-Rs
I can duplicate the problem with 2 commercially pressed audio cds... (xppro sp1)
I finely completely understand what is happening.  I can also duplicate what is happening.  Why it does not show up after you put a new disk in is beyond me.  I also have this problem when I swicth floppy disk.  However, I have never really seen it as a problem and never tried to fix it.  What I do is just hit the back up button and go back to my computer and then back in.  It does not bother me like it is you.

So I would assume that this could be a little bug in XP that has not been fixed.  
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I thought that if the disks had the same label then the contents wouldnt automatically refresh.

as the system would still believe that the same cd was still in the drive.

you had to come out of my computer and go back in / or use the right-click eject feature

not 100% sure tho ?
I have the same problem is nothing obvious...I do use Daemon tools (virtual cdrom s/w) do you? - wondering if maybe that somehow affects it... rebuild time?..
There seems to be a problem with your autorun settings not allowing a refresh.

There is an easy software fix that you can download below. I had the same problem and this sorted it out.

Open in new window

I've found that if I go to windows explorer and "eject" the cd - then close the CD-drive with the new cd and click 'refresh' then I get the new cd contents.
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