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I'm tired and my brain just can't seem to figure this out.. what i want it to do is:

you have a list of words loaded in a list box:


what i want it to do is add

ect.. i want the length to go no higher then 32, and then likewise for the rest of the words in the list...

i can't seem to figure out how to get it to stop at a length of no higher then 32 and i'm sick of trying it... help?

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learning_t0_pr0gramAuthor Commented:
i increased points cuz i need this by tonight
Dear learning_t0_pr0gram,
     Just use the function len() to check if your word lenght is greater than 32 or not.
     And use the function mid() to get the 33rd Character to the last character in the word.
     I would give you the sample code as following.
     strWord = "w___o___r___d___1"
     If len(strWord) > 32 then  
          strRemainingChars = mid(33,strWord)
     end if
    If you still need any help, please let me know.
learning_t0_pr0gramAuthor Commented:
ya but if i got 130 words in the list, that would be a lot to type, isn't there a shorter way of doing it?

here is the code i use to make it w_o_r_d_1

For w = 0 To Len(Text4.Text) - 2
Text4.Text = Left(Text4.Text, v) & "_" & Mid(Text4.Text, v + 1, Len(Text4.Text))
v = v + 2

and to tell it to do it for each item

for x = 0 to list1.listcount - 1

i just can't get it to stop at 32 characters...
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I have a piece of code here... i'm not sure what you want to do with the generated
words but in here i added them to the list...


Const MAX_LEN = 32

Dim i, j As Integer               ' just some looping variables
Dim intWordCount As Integer       ' total number of initial words
Dim strCurrentWord As String      ' current word in process
Dim int_ As Integer               ' number of underscores to insert
Dim strNewWord As String          ' new word to insert
Dim blnMaxLenBridged As Boolean   ' flag checking if the max lenght was reached

  ' Get the initial list of words
  intWordCount = List1.ListCount
  ' loop through the words
  For i = 0 To intWordCount - 1
    ' get the current word
    strCurrentWord = List1.List(i)
    int_ = 1   ' number of underscores to insert
    blnMaxLenBridged = Len(strCurrentWord) >= MAX_LEN  ' check if the length > 32
    'check for maximum length
    Do Until blnMaxLenBridged
      ' start inserting underscores
      strNewWord = Left(strCurrentWord, 1)      ' start the new word with the first character
      For j = 2 To Len(strCurrentWord)
        strNewWord = strNewWord & String(int_, "_") & Mid(strCurrentWord, j, 1)
      Next j

      ' check the length
      If Len(strNewWord) >= MAX_LEN Then
        ' tell that the max length was reached
        blnMaxLenBridged = True
        ' add the new word to the list
        List1.AddItem strNewWord
        'increase the number of undercores
        int_ = int_ + 1
      End If 'Len(strNewWord) >= MAX_LEN
    Loop 'Do Until blnMaxLenBridged
  Next i



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learning_t0_pr0gramAuthor Commented:
it works, thanks... a little different style then what i use, but i understand it, thanks man...

You have to calculate Expected word length before you add lines to it.
Formula for doing this is:

Spaces = X                                                       'Number of underscores that have to be put between each two chars
CharsNumber = Len(Text)                                  'Number of characters in a string
Betweens = CharsNumber - 1                             'Number of "betreens" - (places between characters where you put underscores

ExpectedLength = Charsnumber + Betweens * Spaces

Try this example:  (It does not use your algorythm for adding underscores)

Private Sub Command1_Click()
    Dim temp As String, temp2 As String
    Dim spaces As Integer
    Dim ExpectedLength As Integer
    For X = 0 To List1.ListCount - 1
        spaces = X + 1
        temp = List1.List(X)
        temp2 = ""
        ExpectedLength = Len(temp) + (Len(temp) - 1) * spaces
        If ExpectedLength > 32 Then Exit Sub
        For Y = 1 To Len(temp)
            Select Case spaces
            Case 1
                temp2 = temp2 & Mid(temp, Y, 1) & "_"
            Case 2
                temp2 = temp2 & Mid(temp, Y, 1) & "__"
            Case 3
                temp2 = temp2 & Mid(temp, Y, 1) & "___"
            Case 4
                temp2 = temp2 & Mid(temp, Y, 1) & "____"
            Case 5
                temp2 = temp2 & Mid(temp, Y, 1) & "_____"
            Case 6
                temp2 = temp2 & Mid(temp, Y, 1) & "______"
            Case 7
                temp2 = temp2 & Mid(temp, Y, 1) & "_______"
            End Select
        Next Y
        temp2 = Mid(temp2, 1, Len(temp2) - spaces)
        List2.AddItem temp2
    Next X

End Sub

My example doesnt do what you asked! I'll rewrite it.
This is it!

Add two listboxes, and a button, and paste this:

Private Sub Command1_Click()
    Dim temp As String, temp2 As String
    Dim spaces As Integer
    Dim ExpectedLength As Integer
    Dim SpaceString As String
    SpaceString = "_____________________________________________________"       'Used to extract the right number of backscores
    For X = 0 To List1.ListCount - 1                                            'Get every word from list1
        temp = List1.List(X)

        spaces = 1                                                              'Theese 3 lines are used to prevent
        ExpectedLength = Len(temp) + (Len(temp) - 1) * spaces                   'proccessing a word which would have more than
        If ExpectedLength > 32 Then GoTo skip                                   '32 chars after first pass
            temp2 = ""
            For Y = 1 To Len(temp)                                               'Add spaces after each character
                temp2 = temp2 & Mid(temp, Y, 1) & Mid(SpaceString, 1, spaces)
            Next Y
            temp2 = Mid(temp2, 1, Len(temp2) - spaces)                           'Remove underscores after the last char
            List2.AddItem temp2
            spaces = spaces + 1
        ExpectedLength = Len(temp) + (Len(temp) - 1) * spaces                    'Calculate expected length before next pass
        If ExpectedLength > 32 Then GoTo skip
        Loop While ExpectedLength < 32
    Next X

End Sub
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