How to port a VB6 application from Windows to Linux

Hi all Experts,
Could you tell me how to port a VB6 application from Windows to Linux?
Thanks in advance,
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I know that transporting a Delphi program from Windows to Linux is very easy. Borland created Kylix ( for Linux.

Now, there is a third party product, DeLux, that can translate your VB-program to Delphi-code. So, once you have Delphi-code, you can run it very easy on Linux.

More info about DeLux: (HomePage DeLux)
Try to convert into VB.NET using Visual Stuido.NET, compile it and execute it in the .NET framework for linux (Mono project):

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if you want to do so without coding use wine on linux
if you want to code then use wxwindows or QT to recode the thing into wxwindows or QT
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I would say the quickest way would be convert it to VB.NET, as Romano70 stated. This would improve your VB applications' source code, upgrade your application to the .NET platform, and most likely increase it's performance.

You would then have less maintenance issues as the souce would be platform independant. However, porting from VB6 to VB.NET does involve a bit of work. Check out these links:

romano70 :
Have you tried Mono? if yes I would like to know the system response and the performance issues besides details of porting. I shall give you points seperately for this on getting appropriate answers

No - I haven't gotten around to it, although I will eventually. I'm currently working on a project based on the open source Rainbow project:

I know that some users of Rainbow were basing their development on Linux, hence thier need for mono. As far as I know, the current version of mono is stable, although it still doesn't have the complete set of classes.

You may find this of interest though:

The Microsoft ISpyBuy web portal apparently builds and runs OK.
basically I am working on porting too i am looking for VC to QT but if .Net allows the same and someone has had a good experience with it I'd like to know abt it
romano70 seemed to get to the best answer first. I just gave some more details.
MGlobalAuthor Commented:
Dear all,

Thanks very much for your help.
All comments are good for me.

Thanks again,
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