Month & Year Countdown (Date Time Comparison)

Dear all Experts,

I can compare the hour by using the following line,
$hourDiff = (mktime(0,0,0,$month,$day,$year) - time())/3600;

in order to get day different,
$dayDiff = (mktime(0,0,0,$month,$day,$year) - time())/86400;

      How do i get Month and Year Different? For example i need to know how many months from 01-01-2003 to 31-05-2003?
      $monthDiff = (mktime(0,0,0,$month,$day,$year) - time())/2678400; <---- This will only works for month that having 31 days (60sec*60mins*24hour*31days), what about this, (int)$endMonth - $startMonth?

Pls Advice... Thanks in Advance! :)

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paulsiewAuthor Commented:
$endMonth = date("n",time());
$startMonth = (int)$month;

$monthDiff = $endMonth - $startMonth

how bout this? Pls Advice...

for years you could just do:

$endyear = date("Y", time());
$startyear = $year;
if($endyear > $startyear) {
  $difference = $endyear - $startyear;

where both are 4 digit numbers

for months:

$endmultiple = ($endyear - 1970) * 12;
$startmultiple = ($startyear - 1970) * 12;
$endmonth = date("n", time()) + $endmultiple;
$startmonth = $month * ($year + 1) + startmultiple;
$monthdifference = $endmonth - $startmonth;



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paulsiewAuthor Commented:
what about this?

                        $yearNow           = date("Y",time());
                        $yearCreated = (int)$year;
                        $yearDiff           = $yearNow - $yearCreated;
                        if ($yearDiff > 0) {
                              $xtraMonth = $yearDiff * 12;
                        $monthNow      = date("n",time());
                        $monthCreated = (int)$month;
                        $monthDiff       = ($monthNow - $monthCreated) + $xtraMonth;
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i don't get what this int thing is at the front of month and year?

yes that code should work (better than mine)

paulsiewAuthor Commented:
i'm casting the value into integer type

ref -->
ok, i don't think they're particularly necessary but there's no real downside to them - have you tested the code? did it work?

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