Storing/Retrieving UNICODE To SQL Server2000 Using VB.NET


  i m doing some window application uding, due to some reason i need to know how to store & retrieve UNICODE ,let say using UTF8 to & from SQL Server 2000. Anyone have solution for this? Thanks

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Please let me know if the link below could help
Can't you just use nvarchar and ntext fields? I don't think you need to do anything differently in VB, as long as the SQL column type supports unicode (the ones that start with "n").

tayleemingAuthor Commented:
  Actually i already do something about it and now i wish to know is the way i doing thing is correct.

My Objective : to store the information(especially chinese character) in SQL Server 2000 as UNICODE(using UTF8 format)

Now, i have manage to store the data inside SQL Server 2000 as something similar as below

Field Name : CustName
Data Type : nvarchar
Length : 4000
Data : n233n131n145n229n136n169n230n152n142

What i do is i take the data that user input and convert it to something like this


then i store in database

when retrieve, i convert it back to the character or string that as the user input early

is this the correct way of doing it? or else?

coz i found that this way will take up alot of storing storega than usual
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I'm curious, what happens if you just try storing the actual characters into an nvarchar field? Does it break or what happens? I was under the impression that nvarchar fields could store that kind of information without any conversion.

tayleemingAuthor Commented:
to timmyt851

    i try the way u comment, but seem like the SQL Server will store the chinese character i insert in a different way, which is normally display as ???? Then when i retrieve it out, it also display as ????...
Hope the following links can give you better explanation,

INF: Unicode String Constants in SQL Server Require N Prefix

Data Access (SQL Server) (ADO.Net)

Unicode Support in SQL Server 7.0 Simplifies International Localization

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