Parent.Document Code - Why Won't This Work?

Hi Folks,

I'm an ASP developer but I use Javascript a lot in my applications. The problem I'm facing here is using ASP to 'create' a javascript function programatically, as follows:

function SomeFunction() {

This particular line of code is inserted into a 'popup' window. Now, what is supposed to happen is that when the user presses a button on the form of the popup window, it will insert an option in the listbox control of the window's opener (parent.opener?). At the moment, this will assign a static value for testing purposes but later it will assign the value of the selected control on the popup itself.

Here's the code I'm trying to use - it won't work so any help would be much appreciated:


var oOption = parent.opener.document.createElement('OPTION');






Thanks very much!
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parent.opener references opener window of frameset from frame point of view or opener of main window referenced from iframe.
if you have single frame in your popup, refer to window.opener instead.
icxAuthor Commented:
Nope, still doesn't work.
What happens when you call this function? Error message or just silence?
Also, it should look like:

var oOption = opener.document.createElement('OPTION');






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icxAuthor Commented:
Well, it was silence as you called it, but I modified the code to look exactly as you described and it worked brilliantly.
The only thing I had different was that the lines referencing oOption.text and oOption.value were preceeded with window.opener.

Thanks very much, enjoy your points.
icxAuthor Commented:
Wait a moment ---- when the form is then submitted after using this code, the form submission (REQUEST object) doesn't contain anything inserted in to the form field using this code. Why is this?


In fact it's another question;)
Request object contains form elements and their values or query string if page called as URL with wuery parameters. If you have selected value newly inserted into more_students listbox, it will be value of  "more_students" request parameter.

If you want to have it selected right in ClickMe()  function, you should say it:

    si = document.frmReport.more_students.options.length - 1;
    if ( isNav ) // Netscape
      document.frmReport.more_students.options[si].selected = true;
    else // IE
      document.frmReport.more_students.selectedIndex = si;
icxAuthor Commented:
Hi OMC2000,

Thanks - will this select ALL the options in the listbox?
this will select only last inserted option.

You can select all option in select with MULTIPLE attribute only.
Then you should iterate through all options in the list and set

document.frmReport.more_students.options[i].selected = true;
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